ARISE USA Tour Continues Without the Coaches – Robert Steele in SUV, Others Join As They Can

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Beaver, PA was a triumph. We owe that triumph to Brynn Marie and Josh Himes, who demonstrated the glorious outcome that can be achieved when a community with a heart comes together with a tour carrying an honorable message.

Blessings to all those who hosted us prior to Beaver, PA — every single stop was a triumph and we would not have been as good at Beaver without the stellar contributions of each of the prior events.  This was a miracle at all points.

However, the donations coming in have not kept pace with the costs — anything less than  $15K a day puts us into a negative cash flow situation and since we have no money of our own to give now (I personally have invested $250K, all I had, and borrowed $45K from my wife) — I had to make a decision, in consultation with Trent Loos and Kevin Jenkins, to pull the plug on the coaches.

They were returned to the coach company on Friday 23 July, we received a credit for most of the unused time, and I am within $2K of paying off the $31K close out cost with the coach company. Personnel costs are being handled responsibly, while avoiding over $395K in future costs for coaches, stage/audio, crew, radios, gas, hotels that were simply not supportable by the donation flow after Mount Rushmore.

I feel called to complete the tour in my SUV, starting in Belfast, Maine on Tuesday 27 July (where most of us will appear), but then onward with a big difference: instead of locations arranged by Trent Loos, I seek a single host for each stop who will tell me where to show up, and I will have a conversation for several hours with as many people as might wish to muster locally.  I will bring Miss Piggy and the Pig Bag to collect gas and hotel money. I welcome our host arranging for local speakers and a do it yourself video recording that we can load to my Bitchute account.

The SCHEDULE will be honored.

If you want to host me on the date scheduled for a stop, send me an email to, I will answer personally.

This entire tour has been a God-thing. I have the strong feeling that this shift away from an expensive caravan to a very personal journey is part of the God-thing. I note with amusement the Zionist-inspired attack on our Belfast event:

A tour coming to Belfast aims to ‘save America,’ but critics fear it will spread far-right radicalization

The Zionists and  their Antifa/BLM stooges have clearly been planning to ambush us from Maine to Florida and — again — a God-thing — now they have no target. I feel sorry for the reporter bribed or bamboozled into writing such a defamatory and ignorant article.

I will wait to hear.  I cannot re-order the dates and direction of the balance of the tour but I can certainly change local locations within reason. I can also  tell you with absolutely certainty that I will be at each location listed on the date shown, and available at no cost to anyone for a gathering to discuss Constitutional Countries, Faith-Family-Freedom, and other matters pertinent to the achievement of our full human potential as we wrap up the defeat of the 1% — see Penny Kelly @ Phi Beta Iota for the next level of understanding.


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NOTE: Below the fund-raising post of 12 July that was not successful – it itemized the costs we would need to be able to cover to complete the tour with coaches and crew, gas and hotels.

Fund-Raiser! Need $154,842.48 for Coaches – And Preview of Bills Remaining to Be Paid

For a complete report on funds spent to date see Funding.