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A tour coming to Belfast aims to ‘save America,’ but critics fear it will spread far-right radicalization

Abigail Curtis has written a defamatory and ignorant article. One wonders if she was paid to do so by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an unregistered agent of a foreign power, the State of Israel, which is run by Russian criminals and never to be confused with Judaism, as I so frequently take care to note.

ARISE USA videos and text are easily available to your editor at

The tour is about Constitutional Counties and the restoration of Faith, Family, and Freedom. The tour features local speakers as well as a handful of recurring speakers. Biographies for most of them are at the About page.  There is not a single extremist among them, only patriots and truthers.

The Library page provides solutions and the Funding page shows how $1.7M has been spent. Clearly no editor has looked at the web site.

I encourage you to do two things:

1.  Ask your “author” who paid her or influenced her to write such a defamatory and ignorant article.

2. Cover the event and write a proper article.

All about me at the link below.  You have done your readers a dis-service.  Maine is supposed to be full of independent free-thinkers.  Make this right.

Very respectfully,
Robert David Steele

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UPDATE:  Alert Reader reports:

Heads up – Mainer News is trying to derail your Belfast tour stop. It’s writer, Andy O’Brien, fed a Bangor Daily News reporter the false impression in its lead that Sheriff Mack is “linked to the Oathkeepers” and a few sentences later said Mack “sat on the board,” while failing to point out that he split from the group over his concerns about the violent tactics of its leader Stuart Rhodes. O’Brien is well known on the right in Maine for playing a role in outing the Capitol Police Chief for FB comments, which forced his resignation, as well as working secretly to get Dr. Northrup deplatformed. This impression that Mack is somehow linked to Oathkeepers is going unchecked and has led to calls that the event be cancelled. Maine Stands Up is a great group, and I’m helping them get the word out, but I disagree with their decision to ignore this hit piece. I have demanded a correction but I doubt it will happen. Here is the  article:

A tour coming to Belfast aims to ‘save America,’ but critics fear it will spread far-right radicalization

Comments have been blowing up.