Road Radios: Honorable Mention


The Steele Report tomorrow will have a preliminary report on the triumphs with a focus on the Angels — Trent Loos, Kevin Jenkins, Richard Mack, Karen Staley, Brynn Marie & Josh Himes, and Charlotte Rose — and the drivers, the audio and gear truck men, and others.  This tour was a microcosm of the battle between God & Satan.  God won within the tour as God has won on Earth and across the Galaxy.

One absolute highlight — a triumph — has been Road Radios.  We used twelve hand-held radios to orchestrate road movements, stage set-ups, deliveries, the interception of a couple of bad actors, and more.

The price could not have been more reasonable, the quality was perfection incarnate, and the personalities I have dealt with in closing out the account have been first rate.  Below is a photo of my return kit.  Road Radios: Honorable Mention, a TOP ROAD DOG!  Salute!  Visit their site,

The tour continues in humble modified form: Miss Piggy and Robert Steele will complete the tour, visiting every location on the date shown on the schedule. Volunteer hosts should send an email to to coordinate Miss Piggy and Robert showing up at a specific time and place on the assigned day in the specified location.