Location 61: Belfast, Maine 27 July 5:30 – with Photos & Videos


Freedom-Loving Mainers Pack Belfast Venue For Arise USA Event

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Crosby Center
96 Church St, Belfast, Maine, 04915

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Kevin Jenkins, Christine Northrup, Karen Staley, Robert David Steele, Richard Mack via Zoom.

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Media Coverage — Totally Twisted Not Actually In The Room

As Far Right Activists Rally In Belfast, Protesters Gather Outside

Belfast event shows extremism is gaining traction in Maine

Robert’s Concise Truthful Account of the Event

The event was co-sponsored by Maine Stands Up, a group devoted to the concept of Liberty within the Constitution.  ARISE USA is a tour devoted to restoring the Constitution as the core foundation for self-governance by the 99% instead of by the 1% using bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing to subvert federal, state, and local officials; and to restoring Faith, Family, & Freedom as the core values within America the Beautiful.

After the Pledge of Allegiance Karen Staley sang the National Anthem.

ShabdSangeet Kaur Khals then  opened with an inspirational reading.

Dr. Christiane Northrup introduced Ron Jenkins and also spoke herself.

Ron Jenkins spoke with authority on lawsuits against government units in violation of their own laws as well as the Constitution.

Heidi Sampson, an elected state legislator, spoke about her concerns and hopes — she is also a rancher and wore some great cowboy boots.

Robert Steele spoke of our five big challenges — election fraud, Wall Street treason & crime, Satanic pedophilia (child trafficking and torture), the dumbing down of schools and the destruction of families and family values — and then spoke of solutions, including Constitutional Counties and the #UNRIG Election Reform Act.

Sheriff Richard Mack joined via Zoom and spoke about how elected sheriffs can and must defend the Constitution and defend their constituents from federal, state, and local officials who are not acting in compliance with the Constitution.

Kevin Jenkins finished up with his unity speech honoring God and calling for all to love another another, asking everyone in the room to hug one another as a closing gesture of good will among all.

There were no fascists, no white supremacists, and no ant-Semitic remarks or thoughts. The two media reports appear to have been funded by the Anti-Defamation League, an undeclared unregistered lobbyist for the Zionist Red Mafiya State of Israel, never to be confused with Judaism.

The protesters were well-behaved and brain dead.


Robert David Steele on the State of #UNRIG, Next Steps to Advance the Populist Fight

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