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2010 The Ultimate Hack Re-Inventing Intelligence to Re-Engineer Earth

2010 Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – All Humans, All Minds, All the Time

2010: OPINION–America’s Cyber Scam

2009 Intelligence for the President–AND Everyone Else

2009 Fixing the White House & National Intelligence

2009 Perhaps We Should Have Shouted: A Twenty-Year Restrospective

2008 Rebalancing the Instruments of National Power

2008: Creating a Smart Nation

2008: World Brain as EarthGame

2008 Paradigms of Failure ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 The Substance of Governance ELECTION 2008 Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Legitimate Grievances (US Citizens versus US Government) ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Legitimate Grievances (Foreign vs USA) ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Candidates on the Issues ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Balanced Budget 101 ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Call to Arms Fund We Not Them ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Annotated Bibliography ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig

2008 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic)

2008 Open Source Intelligence (Operational)

2006 Forbes Blank Slate On Intelligence

2006: Information Operations – All Information, All Languages, All the Time Technical Preface by Robert Garigue

2003: Peacekeeping Intelligence Leadership Digest 1.0

2003 Information Peacekeeping & the Future of Intelligence – The United Nations, Smart Mobs, & the Seven Tribes

2002 TIME Magazine The New Craft of Intelligence

2002 New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence (Book 2 Chapter 15)

2001 Threats, Strategy, and Force Structure: An Alternative Paradigm for National Security

2000 IJIC 13/4 Possible Presidential Initiatives (Before 9-11)

2000 Presidential Intelligence (Book 1 Chapter 13)

2000 Presidential Leadership and National Security Policy Making

1999 Relevant Information and All-Source Analysis: The Emerging Revolution

1999 Virtual Intelligence: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution through Information Peacekeeping (Journal of Conflict Resolution, Spring 1999)

1998 JFQ The Asymmetric Threat: Listening to the Debate

1998 Information Peacekeeping: The Purest Form of War

1998 TAKEDOWN: Targets, Tools, & Technocracy

1997 Strategic Intelligence in the USA: Myth or Reality?

1996: CREATING A SMART NATION: Strategy, Policy, Intelligence & Information

1995 Re-Inventing Intelligence The Vision and the Strategy

1995 GIQ 13/2 Creating a Smart Nation: Strategy, Policy, Intelligence, and Information

1995 Private Enterprise Intelligence – Its Potential Contribution to National Security

1994 ACCESS: The Theory and Practice of Competitor Intelligence (Journal of the Association for Global Strategic Information, July 1994)

1993 From Schoolhouse to White House

1993 On Defense & Intelligence–The Grand Vision

1993 Corporate Role in National Competitiveness: Smart People + Good Tools + Information = Profit

1992 AIJ Winter National Security Act of 1992

1992 AIJ Fall ‘New Paradigm” and Avoiding Future Failures

1992 USNI Proceedings C4I The New Linchpin

1992 USMC C4I Campaign Plan

1992 E3i: Ethics, Ecology, Evolution, & intelligence

1991 MCG Intelligence Support for Expeditionary Planners

1990 AIJ Summer Intelligence in the 1990′s

1987 Thesis: National Security C3I3H3–Command, Communications, & Computing, Inter-Agency, Inter-Disciplinary, Inter-Operability, Heuristics of the Community Intelligence Cycle

1986 Artificial Intelligence and Complex Organizations

1976 Thesis: Theory, Risk Assessment, and Internal War: A Framework for the Observation of Revolutionary Potential

1975 MA Paper: An Outline of the Structure and Strategy of the Foreign Affairs System of the People’s Republic of China

1975 MA Paper: The origin, status, and failure of the state as the sovereign mode of human organization

1973 Paper: Theological Ethics

1973 Paper: Perversion or Progression? An Examination of Our Constitution’s Contemporary Validity in Foreign Affairs