THANK YOU for the $30K! Coaches Paid Off

Action Calls, Funding

THANK YOU to all donors who contributed to the full settlement of the Star Coaches bill.  Close to $525K paid with honor.

The following bills are still outstanding, help if you can, I do not feel I can start anything new until I have paid off all outstanding bills. I will continue the tour in my SUV and honor all dates and places on the schedule.

Still to be paid off:

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$8,813.64 Still Due on the Coaches — Help If You Can

Action Calls, Funding

Hi Robert! We have received the 3rd payment in the amount of $7,500.00. The remaining balance is $8,813.64. Thanks and have a great day! Robin Gallanthen, Bookkeeper Star Coaches Inc.

Robert continues the tour in an SUV and will make all dates and places, joined occasionally by Lincoln Bob and/or other members of the core team, & locals.

Help pay the bills and see the tour through by donating here. Certificates continue to be offered by our certificate / web support team.


On Tour: Thank You & Steele Solutions

Action Calls, Administrative, Ask Us Anything, Constitutional Counties, Inspirational

THANK YOU to all who have stepped up in the past two days with online donations and checks, please tell others to join the fight.

I have finished conceptualizing how I want to handle the rest of the tour.  Other members of the team, notably Lincoln Bob, are stepping up to propose joining me at selected locations (Philadelphia PA and Naples FL are top spots for a group effort).

For myself, I plan to combine a new Steele Solutions briefing with a SPY IMPROV: Ask Me Anything. I am also starting to look for a new home base, one of my alma maters is looking interesting as a potential home for the Open Source Agency / Web 3.0 centered on the heartland, and as the sponsor of a new constitutional leadership at scale institute.

The tour cannot be stopped. I cannot be stopped. The best is yet to come.

ARISE USA Tour Continues Without the Coaches – Robert Steele in SUV, Others Join As They Can

Action Calls


Beaver, PA was a triumph. We owe that triumph to Brynn Marie and Josh Himes, who demonstrated the glorious outcome that can be achieved when a community with a heart comes together with a tour carrying an honorable message.

Blessings to all those who hosted us prior to Beaver, PA — every single stop was a triumph and we would not have been as good at Beaver without the stellar contributions of each of the prior events.  This was a miracle at all points.

However, the donations coming in have not kept pace with the costs — anything less than  $15K a day puts us into a negative cash flow situation and since we have no money of our own to give now (I personally have invested $250K, all I had, and borrowed $45K from my wife) — I had to make a decision, in consultation with Trent Loos and Kevin Jenkins, to pull the plug on the coaches.

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