Robert Steele: DEPLATFORMED by PayPal — Am Striking Back — Checks Are Best Way of Donating

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By the grace of God, donations by check and wire offer me the Armor of God against unethical abusive companies among which PayPal is now assured of front row standing.

They know full well of my strong history as a Patriot and as having a Gold Star rating as a non-profit. This is a Deep State attack, perhaps without the knowledge of the CEO, but our top ten law firm will make sure the CEO knows about this on Monday.

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210413

Action Calls, Captains' Log

ROBERT:  Trent Loos has taken over as ground commander, and is responsible for the final selection of all locations for the afternoon show.  We are in the final stage of a hotel deal for the morning conferences.

We need tactical ground commanders for the following locations immediately, please send email to

if you want to step up and be a leader actually engaged in the tour of the century.

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ARISE USA: State Assemblies Needed?

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It Is To Be Regretted That The Rich And Powerful Too Often Bend The Acts Of Government To Their Own Selfish Purposes – Andrew Jackson

Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you. It’s decisions are supposed to be made by you. It’s primary responsibility is to protect you and your assets at all costs and against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That is the only reason for governments to exist! But what if your government doesn’t protect you? What if instead it preys upon you? Threatens, harasses or persecutes you? Makes you miserable and fearful? Then something is terribly wrong!

Since the “Civil War”, we Americans have been preyed upon by foreign corporations posing as our government, but it is not our lawful government! We are now facing a problem of absolute tyranny because too many people have been passive and uninvolved for too long! But now, for the first time in 160 years, all the States of our Union have re-assembled and are in session to lawfully and peacefully restore our original Republic. It’s time you join this historic process of reconstruction and get involved!

Learn To Restore Lawful Government:

Message for All Sheriffs From Richard Mack

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Richard Mack here, founder of  We are working hard to get Constitutional Sheriffs re-elected and I have joined with Robert Steele and others to tour the country in support of Constitutional Counties as well as Faith, Family, & Freedom. Some of your constituents have begged us to stop in your county instead of our planned location and Robert is ready to do that if we can count on your support and also find a friendly high school principal that will let us use the football stadium (or in inclement weather the basketball auditorium).

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Funding Shortfall Related to Musicians

Action Calls

Miss Piggy says:

Miss Cynthia is demanding $150K in escrow for the musicians who have to leave homes and jobs for four months.  Mister  Robert is neutral on this point, they can take the same risk the permanent party is taking, that money will materialize, or not.

It is our intent that no person donate more than once — you will never receive an email asking you to donate again.

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