On Tour: Thank You & Steele Solutions

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THANK YOU to all who have stepped up in the past two days with online donations and checks, please tell others to join the fight.

I have finished conceptualizing how I want to handle the rest of the tour.  Other members of the team, notably Lincoln Bob, are stepping up to propose joining me at selected locations (Philadelphia PA and Naples FL are top spots for a group effort).

For myself, I plan to combine a new Steele Solutions briefing with a SPY IMPROV: Ask Me Anything. I am also starting to look for a new home base, one of my alma maters is looking interesting as a potential home for the Open Source Agency / Web 3.0 centered on the heartland, and as the sponsor of a new constitutional leadership at scale institute.

The tour cannot be stopped. I cannot be stopped. The best is yet to come.

Road Radios: Honorable Mention


The Steele Report tomorrow will have a preliminary report on the triumphs with a focus on the Angels — Trent Loos, Kevin Jenkins, Richard Mack, Karen Staley, Brynn Marie & Josh Himes, and Charlotte Rose — and the drivers, the audio and gear truck men, and others.  This tour was a microcosm of the battle between God & Satan.  God won within the tour as God has won on Earth and across the Galaxy.

One absolute highlight — a triumph — has been Road Radios.  We used twelve hand-held radios to orchestrate road movements, stage set-ups, deliveries, the interception of a couple of bad actors, and more.

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Top Links — Join the Fight!


Our tour is now past the half-way mark, with 47 stops completed and 40 to go after today’s stop.  This one post will provide easy direct access to key elements of this website:

Next three events always at top of front page.