Tour Expenses as of 17 June 2021

Administrative, Funding

As I myself struggled to wrap my head around the FACT that I have spent $1,466,045.68 as of yesterday on this tour, I thought it would be useful to share the specifics with all of you.  We need another $500,000 to get to Mount Rushmore and then finish the tour.

Below are the sums for the categories into which I have sorted the expenses.  You can see the specifics at the Funding page.

TOTAL: $1,466,045.68

  • Coaches: $384,572.51
  • Wraps: $55,950.00
  • Coach Gear Including Cameras: $16,072.19
  • AV/Stage Lease: $100,750.00
  • Tour Crew: $115,000.00
  • Key Mistake: $82,880.82
  • Road Costs: $184,677.77
  • Caps: $47,441.11
  • Cartoons: $11,000.00
  • Shipping: $6,462.83
  • Printing: $4,509.16
  • Travel: $22,351.00
  • Key People: $159,000.00
  • Web/Email: $109.331.61
  • Video/Location Assistant: $25,170.00
  • Certificates/Content Team: $40,152.98
  • Publicity: $48,875.00
  • EIN Office: $51,316.70
  • Refunds: $532 (out of thousands of donations)






HIRED: Drone Pilot and Editing Team


My name is Gio and I’m a Certified part 107 Drone pilot & I’m happy to be a part of the tour.

I have been flying drones for the past 7 years and have worked with a variety of projects.

From major brands to luxury lifestyles I shoot it all. More importantly I’m a team player & love working in the production industry.

Robert Steele: ARISE USA Tour Binder


I thought some of you might be interested in what my  tour binder looks like and how it is organized.

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