On Tour: Thank You & Steele Solutions

Action Calls, Administrative, Ask Us Anything, Constitutional Counties, Inspirational

THANK YOU to all who have stepped up in the past two days with online donations and checks, please tell others to join the fight.

I have finished conceptualizing how I want to handle the rest of the tour.  Other members of the team, notably Lincoln Bob, are stepping up to propose joining me at selected locations (Philadelphia PA and Naples FL are top spots for a group effort).

For myself, I plan to combine a new Steele Solutions briefing with a SPY IMPROV: Ask Me Anything. I am also starting to look for a new home base, one of my alma maters is looking interesting as a potential home for the Open Source Agency / Web 3.0 centered on the heartland, and as the sponsor of a new constitutional leadership at scale institute.

The tour cannot be stopped. I cannot be stopped. The best is yet to come.