Funding: We Are Adding Options


Checks now exceed PayPal and I understand that since many people do not trust PayPal.  I have worked hard to not be a candidate for deplatforming by running a serious non-profit that offers free to the public nine websites, four movies, and a national tour that will be a fifth movie and perhaps a book, while respecting PayPal’s right to charge 3% for its superb services.

We are going to expand PayPal to accept credit cards, I used to have that and forgot how to do it, am hiring a full time person for accounting who will.

We are going to expand Stripe to where it can accept donations and credit cards.

We are adding Square.

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Crypto Donors: Tell Me When You Donate If You Wish


Bless  the three crypto donors that put $50,550 in our Coinbase account yesterday.  By its very nature, crypto does not come with sender ID.

I have converted it all today; as soon as it comes in it will be credited to Earth Intelligence Network — all crypto donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers if you wish them to be. EIN is also required to identify all donors of $5,000 or over, this generally is meant to validate their own claims of the donation if they list them on their tax return.

National Tour: To Start 17 May We Need $125K By 15 April Update 1


Our original plan was  to start 15 June to give us three months to organize and raise funds.

Juan O. Savin (P) asked us to advance our time-table to 17 May so we could be in Dallas on 29-30 May and at Mt. Rushmore 4 July.

I want to stick to this earlier plan but to make the advance payments including the five “wraps” (the art around each bus and the gear truck) I need $125K in donations by 15 April.  That’s $6K every 24 hours.  We can do this!  Help!

UPDATED TO REFLECT $63K received 21 March 2021.

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