THANK YOU for the $30K! Coaches Paid Off

Action Calls, Funding

THANK YOU to all donors who contributed to the full settlement of the Star Coaches bill.  Close to $525K paid with honor.

The following bills are still outstanding, help if you can, I do not feel I can start anything new until I have paid off all outstanding bills. I will continue the tour in my SUV and honor all dates and places on the schedule.

Still to be paid off:

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$8,813.64 Still Due on the Coaches — Help If You Can

Action Calls, Funding

Hi Robert! We have received the 3rd payment in the amount of $7,500.00. The remaining balance is $8,813.64. Thanks and have a great day! Robin Gallanthen, Bookkeeper Star Coaches Inc.

Robert continues the tour in an SUV and will make all dates and places, joined occasionally by Lincoln Bob and/or other members of the core team, & locals.

Help pay the bills and see the tour through by donating here. Certificates continue to be offered by our certificate / web support team.


Robert Steele: Open Call for Donations to Our Mission

Action Calls, Funding

Dear Patriot,

Today, 20 July 2021, the ARISE USA tour is visiting the 33rd state, making its 55th stop, and driving its newest miles in what have been 19,000 miles driven since 8 May when we started our run to Battle Mountain, Nevada, the first Constitutional State. Today there are four Constitutional Counties, four more are about to be announced, and we expect that this tour, repeated annually, will ultimately inspire almost all countries, parishes, and boroughs to declare their support for the Constitution in three ways:

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