Trent Loos in The Stand at Paxton County


ZimmCast 648 – Trent Loos in The Stand at Paxton County

What we talk about in the program is mostly the whole idea of trying to bridge the gap between rural and urban communities. It is something we’ve worked on throughout our careers. We both think the divide is wider than ever. Trent has some good ideas on why this is and how ineffective some of the methods that have been tried are. We also ramble around on some other topics like Impossible Foods and virtual events.

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Scott McKay’s Coach Wrap 2.0


Still being refined but we are working hard to give Scott exactly what he wants in the way of his own unique wrap. Our first cut on the tour brand wrap is below and we are discussing whether Sheriff Mack and Leigh Dundas coaches should have unique wraps.

Asphalt road and countryside views

Inspirational: From Billings, Montana


Comment or Message

I have been in this fight to save America for 25 years. I just bought 4th of July decorations. I would love to help set up decor in Billings MT. Let me know how I can help.
I become a delegate, I joined a constitution club. I met sheriff Mack. I grew organic gardens. I studied essential oils, no drugs. I got rid of TV in 2008. I homeschooled my girls as a single mom. I was an alateen sponsor. I coached ski racing and Girls on the Run program. I pray every day all day for this country. I have followed Robert for a long time God Bless him.

Robert Responds:

You were not waiting for me, you have been waiting for WE.  Donald Trump — with integrity — and Bernie Sanders — without integrity — have opened the door for Trumpers and Sandernistas to reject the 1% and join with Libertarians and Independents and others to take back the power.  I have been waiting for YOU! God Bless America — Faith, Family, & Freedom!