Top Non-Fiction Authors Invited to Join Tour

Tour General

Many of you but not all of you know that I am the top non-fiction reviewer in the English language (at least that I know of) with over 2,000 summary reviews across 98 categories, see the lists and categories linked to all reviews here.

My epic lecture on cosmic mind-altering books and then the rest is here:

My opening four hour “serious”lecture for this tour is here: and my first “crowd” stump speech (12 minutes) is here.

Below is a sorted list of top authors I have reviewed being invited to join the tour at one stop so as to integrate their work into the larger civic conversation about the Constitution, ethics, truth and reinstating God & Country, Faith, Family, & Freedom, as the foundation for all that we are.

If not obvious, this move of mine SHREDS both the MSM and the “academy.”

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National Tour: Next Steps

Tour General

HISTORICAL. Dr. McKinney has withdrawn from the tour for personal reasons. We will continue to honor her and welcome her to any stop if she feels up to it.

We will begin press releases and disclosure of confirmed participants after Easter Sunday. The next week will be relatively quiet but it is vital that we continue to raise $12K a day toward our $1.3 million necessary budget.

A person of wealth is backing us up — not funding us but we are assured we will never be unable to pay a bill.  A payment plan with the coach company has made this relatively easy to manage, the first wire of $62,500 was done two weeks early to make a point.

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National Tour: Message

Tour General

Here is the standard email that each donor will receive, it outlined my vision of what donors need to know as we seek local allies for ARISE USA Resurrection Tour.

SUBJECT:  ARISE USA National Tour Donation Thank You & Request for Information

Thank you for donating to our ARISE USA Resurrection Tour focused on Constitutional Counties and on Faith, Family, & Freedom with Election Reform, Individual Sovereignty, and the Truth as well as Open Source Engineering (10% the cost of predatory proprietary engineering controlled by the banks) as sub-themes.

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