Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210405

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CYNTHIA: April 4, 2021 was Easter Sunday.  But, that’s not all it was: it was the day that the U.S. government carried out its plan to murder Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This “Inside Job” also had cooperation from Blacks who were purchased for a price.  This song, “An Act of State” borrows its name from the eponymous book by Coretta King’s attorney who exposed the government plot and secured a guilty verdict from a jury in Memphis, TN.  James Earl Ray was a patsy and there have been a long line of patsies used to cover up U.S. government crimes.  Dr. King was a Constitutionalist; he wanted the Constitution to apply to the Black citizens of the U.S.  Black people were never a threat to this country; but some were manipulated into a frenzy of hate that, unbelievably, led to widespread approval when Dr. King was murdered.

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