Trent Loos: Constitutional Counties = Energy, Food, Property Rights

Vision Statements

My message is clear and straight forward.

Property Rights have eroded for farmers and energy producers due to animal rights and climate activists influencing government policies.

Case and point 75% of last 2 COVID stimulus money went into building Government programs further restricting property rights.

The story every American needs to know every tyranny in history controlled people with starvation, don’t fall asleep and let it happen here now.

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Robert Steele: Our Strategy for The Resurrection Tour

Vision Statements

I hope you all realize I am a punching bag and taking crap from all sides as I seek to bring all of us together to restore the Constitution and individual sovereignty; as well as full voice and vote for 100% of all citizens (instead of the 20% now manipulated by the two-party tyranny that also disenfranchises 80% of the public).

We cannot restore democracy if we make this all about Trumpers only.  I am a Trumper to the death but I am also a thinking citizen.

Our political landscape is shown below.  We have all been disenfranchised.

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Richard Mack: Vision Statement

Vision Statements

We have heard a great deal about Unity, Civility, and Liberty. But most of the rhetoric surrounding these topics was just a bunch of political jive from 2020 politicians. Most of it was mindless and meaningless dribble and lamentably, it still is. If we are to ever achieve unity as a nation, as a people, we must find some principles that we all agree on and thus, should be guaranteed to all Americans.

There are 28 such principles detailed in the Bill of Rights, principles that were essential to preserving Liberty and Civil Rights.

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Laura Eisenhower: Vision Statement

Vision Statements

I have felt a calling since I was a child, to protect the organic Ascension timeline and to help others to discover greater purpose and meaning in their lives.  I hold a vision of helping people to deprogram and free their minds from social engineering and divide and conquer agendas.  I want to assist others in knowing about our DNA potential, Soul Alchemy, Stargates, Multi-dimensional Cosmos.  Also, Zero point Unified field, herbs and good nutrition & the sciences that remind us about how we can shift from Carbon based to Crystalline.  I seek to help people understand the planetary grid network and the dark technologies that are being used to digress us and siphon our life-force, so we can begin to consciously take our power back.

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