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Neither the left nor the right “get” Occupy.  Nor do those so quick to characterize them as “mis-fits” get it either.  Occupy is the tip of the 80% (99% sounds better, but realistically they represent the anger over corruption and injustice that 60% to 80% have suffered).  Below are just a few headlines and photographs intended to illuminate Occupy as a state of mind, a philosophy, one that demands an end to corruption across all of our institutions.

Occupy is non-violent.  Such violence as is occurring is either the work of law enforcement, over-reacting (and now being sued across the land) or provocateurs including anarchists and under-cover police seeking to create violent confrontations.  This photograph illustrates the spirit of Occupy–fearless, ethical, righteous.

Below is a humorous orientation to Occupy that ends just a few minutes too soon, without positing solutions that help create a world that works for all–still, Occupy is maturing much more rapidly than most outside Occupy can realize.  Inter-Occupy, the service that uses MAESTRO to orchestrate nation-wide calls on a variety of issues of common concern, is one sign of this maturation.  At least a third of Occupy is now realizing that as much as a “change everything” philosophy might appeal to the mix of anarchists and libertarians, it is neither pragmatic nor sensible….reform, and particularly Electoral Reform, is the ONE THING that the Occupy spirit can help make possible for  all the non-Occupy citizens–Independents, moderates from the two-party bi-opoly, and members of all of the excluded parties, a partial listing of which is provided by Politics1.

If there were one book that could be said to have at a minimum lent credence to Occupy when others were scornful, and at best been an inspiration to millions who had ignored many other excellent works in the past dealing with both the corruption of politics and the corruption of finance, that book would be Griftopia–Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America, by Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone.  Below is a link to an end-of-year RECAP of stories about corruption that reinforce the deep appraisal that sets the stage for a majority of US citizens wanting to be rid of corruption in all its forms–across the two-party bi-opoly, across all  three branches of the federal government, across most banks and corporations, and even across most allegedly non-profit activities all too willing to enable and curry favor from the two-party bi-opoly.


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This one graphic, a matrix that identifies the pre-condtions for revolution, and shows in red those pre-conditions now existing in the USA, provides a structure for understanding that Occupy is not a flash in the pan–it is a historic deep movement that will impact on the political-legal, socio-economic, and ideo-cultural future of the USA to an extent we can barely imagine today.  Occupy is a techno-demographic wonder, a Generation 3.0, a “crashing of the gates” groundswell, a “smart mob,” an “army of davids;” Occupy is collective intelligence and integral consciousness emergent.

Learn more about revolution at 2011 Thinking About Revolution in the USA and Elsewhere (Full Text Online for Google Translate).  See also 2012 Reflexivity = Integrity: Toward Earth/Life 4.0.

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