Election Integrity Pledge

Electoral Integrity Pledge

The Electoral Reform Pledge is designed to bring constituents together with the individual Representatives, on Congressional District at a time (435 in all, separately from 100 Senators), both to present the Statement of Demand and the outline of the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 in advance of more forceful demands in the Spring of 2012–and to give each Represenative an opportunity to “come back to We the People” by signing the Pledge and immunizing themselves from the very strong anti-Congress, anti-bi-opoly sentiments that will characterize the November 2012 Elections.  Using this pledge, a national scoreboard will be created, marking each Representative Green, Yellow, or Red.  Those that are not Green by 4 July 2012 should anticipate near-universal rejection at the polls.

Electoral Integrity Pledge [2.0]

I, ________________________________, pledge to the people of the _____ district of the State

of _______________________ and to the American People that I will:

ONE, work to ensure that all local, state and national elections are organized, conducted and tabulated in a fair, effective and transparent manner to ensure that observer rights are enforced and that election outcomes are publicly verified and thus represent the will of the people affected by the elections, and

TWO, oppose all districting, registration and voter eligibility/identification plans that undermine or fail to advance the principle of one person one vote necessary to insure that each person’s vote is equal to the vote of each other person.

THREE, sponsor a local, state, and national dialog across the elements of electoral process as generally outlined in the draft Electoral Reform Act of 2012 to be presented to Congress by constituents from across the land.


Electoral Reform Online:  http://tinyurl.com/OWS-ER-HO


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