Electoral Reform Statement of Demand

Statement of Demand [3.4]

Whereas the two entrenched political parties have excluded any alternative parties and displaced democracy – organized people – with a form of plutocracy – organized money;

Whereas the U.S. Government, irrespective of which of the two entrenched political parties has been “in power,” has failed to represent We the People and instead legalized theft by Wall Street and various special interests across all policy domains;

Whereas the U.S. national budget is out of control and being used by the two entrenched political parties to reward speculators who contribute to re-election campaigns (with 5% of the taxpayer-funded earmark being the standard “contribution”);

We the General Assembly and all those who place citizenship and the common good above party,  and who place integrity above the now-standard corrupt practices of both the U.S. Government and the varied corporations that have hijacked not only the U.S. economy but the global economy,


As of 5 January 2012, that the President of the United States of America and the Congress of the United States, shall introduce and then pass, not later than 15 February 2012, the ElectoralReformActof 2012.  The elements of this Act are not negotiable and will include all ten of the provisions as set forth in the Act as it has been presented for public review, discussion, validation and, as desired, revision and extension.

If the U.S. Government fails to enact the ElectoralReformActof 2012 by 15 February 2012, a nationwide General Strike will be called, and We the People will immediately begin to work toward the impeachment, recall, and/or public disenfranchisement of each Senator and each Representative failing to support the passage of the ElectoralReformActof 2012.

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