I am personally answering all the questions coming in from the Contact form but I may delegate this to an assistant soon, while still overseeing the answers and crafting new answers as needed.

I am the sole authorized spokespersons for this tour; each participating patriot represents themselves and we have asked each to provide a Vision Statement so their unique perspective can be accurately portrayed.

This is not a  Trump Tour. This is a We the People Tour and I hope recruit populists from the left as well as Libertarians, Independents, Greens, and others to participate in hour-long jam sessions at each stop that will precede our three hour formal program. These is no place on this tour for DNC or GOP politicians except for those who agree that no money should be donated to any politician until federal and state legislatures pass #UNRIG Election Reform Act in time for Congress in 2022 to be 1/5th Trumpers, 1/5th Sandernistas, 1/5th Libertarian, 1/5th Independent, and 1/5th all others.  This is my non-negotiable sole demand on behalf of We the People.


You wrote:

We are so excited we are on the lists of stops of your tour. We are having a meeting this Saturday and will be mentioning your website and looking forward to meeting you all. What recommendations are you giving we are having our first meeting Saturday and I am going to give our local sheriff the letter that Sheriff Mack offers on his website to our Sheriff. Just want to get many there June 24th. especially our local representatives to help hold them accountable and make steps to stop the mask mandates and the vaccine passports along with the gun control legislation being put upon us. I am a business owner and want to get the word out.

Robert responds:

Only you can influence your local officials. From where I sit they need to be  told that the  two-party tyranny is on its way down and a union among populists from the right and the left with Libertarians and Independents is on they way up.  If they want to survive, they need to reconnect to citizens, integrity, and evidence-based decisions in the public interest. The days of their being bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed to support unconstitutional predatory cultural, economic, and political programs mandated by the 1% against the 99% are over.


https://arise.world is now active and a thing of beauty.  It is not the official blog of the tour, that remains here at https://bigbatusa.org where I personally post the Captain’s Log and other materials.  BigBatUSA is the sole authoritative source for the tour.  Arise.World is a larger global lens looking at the tour and has more creative talents working to make the tour easily enjoyed by the masses and the media, but nothing will ever replace BigBat USA.


Your wrote:

I donated $100 on the 20th and have not received my certificate.

Robert responds:

I am really glad you got in touch.  I was drowning trying to do administrative stuff (certificates) at the same time as I was doing meta stuff (million dollar tour contracts, hiring, strategizing, confirming tour participants).

The way it works now is:

  • Day 1: donate
  • Day 2: donation records in our books and emails loaded to system
  • Day 3: you get an email asking you fill in a form (county, state, Honor Roll)
  • Day 4: you get  a certificate via email (two if a couple)

So give the system three days to generate an email, please.  THEN, if you donated and did not get an email asking you to complete a form, we will do a manual issuance immediately. Use this email to fix this oversight on our part:


Send in the BODY of the email:

  • Your name as is should appear on the certificate
  • Date donated in form date month year
  • Your county and state (or international district and province or country
  • Email to which certificate should be emailed

Note: we are finding that some of the PayPal emails do not work, and when checks are  accompanied by scrawled emails I might not be getting them right when they go into the system.  Bottom line: use the Contract Page form to get in touch and I will make it right.


You wrote:

Happy to donate and I will attend in Florida. How do you register for hotel conferences?

Robert responds:

We are about to put up an interactive map where each stop will link to its information page. We are a couple of weeks away from a deal with the Marriott (I hope) at which point we will know how many seats for each session at each stop. THEN we will create forms for registering people for each session at each stop. However, I also plan to live stream each session so anyone not getting in will be able to watch online.  Keep an eye on the website — and join the Pink Flamingo contest!

Everything is free. Just show up for the afternoon event. For the conferences because of space limitations we believe we have to do registration but that may change to first come first served.


You wrote:

Are there any groups here in Northern Virginia having any meetings? As you should know, Trump supporters are few and far between here. Please let me know if there are any meetup groups!   I have been shunned by any I’ve tried to educate on my email or Facebook groups. Bless you all for what you do!

Robert responds:

Check out the county forums at My Patriots Network.


You wrote:

Will you have American sign language interpreters available at events for the Deaf community who may attend?

Robert responds:

I have no plans to do this.  Fewer than one million people in the USA are deaf, and of those over half are age 65 and older.  The live streaming and the movie could have  sub-titles but I am not going to undertake the added expense and coordination hassle for what might be, at best, 1 or 2 out of 1,000 in any given audience.

Furthermore, this reeks of the woke bullshit. Do I need a special section for Jewish dwarfs with ear-wax problems? Security escorts for transgenders?



You wrote:

I want to send $100 from my credit union in Oregon or via VISA. I don’t have paypal and am not interested in setting it up. I don’t have checks, but I do have a debit card. I have $500 in my debit account and $100 of that is yours.

Let me know how to send. Thank you!

Robert responds:

We have been deplatformed by PayPal. STRIPE takes credit cards (and have a new STRIPE account exclusively for donations) and I am created a direct deposit merchant account with my bank that bypasses everyone and takes debit and credit cards. In the meantime, your good will and word of mouth is vastly more precious than a donation.


You asked:

Question for you. I keep hearing from my friends that “Presently you can’t get on airplane without a negative test results or a vaccination card”. I know that can’t be true, but I’m planning to fly down to one of Robert Steele’s Road Shows and is there some sort of Paperwork or Constitutional Document that you guys have, like a quick index card, that I can show them, to quickly DECLINE but also de-escalate any confrontation??I know it’s illegal to mandate having a Test or Vaccine in order to Fly, but airlines are so forceful these days and I really need to Fly this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if I have to pay for a “Constitutional Rights Index Card”.

Robert responds:

There is no law requiring testing or proof of vaccination for flying. The only applicable law, which is unconstitutional as well as medically harmful, but being enforced illegally by the airlines, is for the wearing of masks while traveling. Other than Quantas no airline requires proof of vaccination and no airline nor any Transportation Security Agency person may demand proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 test as a precondition for traveling.  You should be fine. If anyone attempts to impose a test on you take their names and inform them they and their supervisor will be subject to a lawsuit for tortious interference with inter-state commerce.

I will also point out — see the tour map below — that there is no need  for anyone to fly to meet us, the event is occurring at 84 spots across the 50 states.









You wrote:

I donated $100 but I want to make something personal for Robert, what are his favorite colors?

Robert responds:

Thank you but no thank you. We just cannot accept gifts of any kind, not least because they take up space and I would not want to disrespect your gift by having to throw it away later.

Get others to donate and come to the events and stop donating to politicians in a rigged system and demand #UNRIG Election Reform Act of 2021 — that is the  greatest gift you give to all of us and future generations.


You wrote:

Are you hiring? I would love to leave my job and do something truly meaningful and your tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity but I need to have a salary.

Robert responds:

We are not hiring.  Other than the Tour Manager and crew and a few technicals we are relying on volunteers to help set and break down the stage, and for security.


You wrote:

Which hotel will you be using in XYZ? We want to reserve a room

Robert responds:

We are working a deal with a hotel chain and should know by the end of this month. Final locations for both hotel conferences and football stadium event will be accessible through the interactive map 30 days prior to the event date.


You wrote:

I have important information to share with your audience, can I have talk to you for an hour to explain it?

Robert responds:

I don’t have an hour.  I am working 16 hour days 7 days a week and the absolute last thing I can afford right now is individual engagement when I am at the meta level.  Think of me as a gerbil that needs to pee, that is my attention span.

What I can do — and you have to be disciplined — is consider a post if you send me the following:

  • headline
  • image
  • 1-3 paragraphs
  • 1-3 links

If it is relevant to ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour; to the 2nd American Revolution; to Constitutional Counties; to Faith, Family, & Freedom; to Election Fraud & Reform; to Individual & State Sovereignty; or to the Truth; I will consider publishing it.

I delete any email longer than three paragraphs without reading it, and I delete anything with attached videos or documents asking me to view or read.


You wrote:

Robert when this is said and done you should work doing something for Trump. Thank you for doing this movement and helping save America. You have no idea how proud I am of all of the Patriots going on the road. We will stick together and never give up. I am praying for all of you! You are doing Our Lords work. Our Fore Fathers are smiling down thankful for people like you. Thank you Mr. Steele thank you God Bless you and God Bless The United States of America. Ride the Trump Train!

Robert responds:

Thank you for your kind words.  I am the Lord’s instrument, there is no way I could be pulling this off without divine intervention.  That is why I posted the Henry V Tu Diem video.  God is on our side.  Now I have to emphasize that while I am a huge Trump supporter, this tour has to be about ALL of us including the non-Trumpers (Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, others) sharing power while taking down the two-party tyranny that fronts for the Deep State.


You wrote:

Please come to XYZ!

Robert responded:

The tour is fixed and we cannot divert the tour far from the planned route.  At 111 days it is already far in excess of what we had imagined but Cynthia and I decided that this first time we need to hit very state and often do multiple stops in states like California and Florida and Texas.

HOWEVER, each stop is a placeholder.  We have no intention of going into the Portland or Seattle or Chicago or New York cesspools We are looking for a Constitutional Sheriff that will give us an escort, and a Constitutional High School that will give us free use of their football stadium (or if inclement weather, their basketball auditorium).

Find the stop nearest you and put us in touch with the sheriff and we will help get him or her re-elected. Put us in touch with a welcoming high school principal and we will put their high school of the map as an original stop in the ARISE USA 2nd American Revolution Resurrection Tour.

We welcome nominations of Fairgrounds or Parks or Airport Hangers where we can hold our events.  Send nominations to



You wrote:

Hi there, I contacted earlier about helping with your websites, especially the bigbatusa map. I took the liberty of creating an INTERACTIVE MAP of the United States with plot points for each stop, as well as lines to trace all the stops. It’s ready to go and it would help you visitors immensely. Please, please take a look at what I put together and consider using it as the visual map for your final schedule.

Link: https://cgriffinhub.github.io/arise-schedule/schedule.html

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

Robert responds:

I like this very much, especially since it would allow us to show photos and bios of confirmed personalities as well as a photo and address for the location when finally confirmed.  How do I implement this on our website https://bigbatusa.org?  I need to be able to “stuff” the supporting database myself.


You wrote:

Do you know the exact locations yet of where you will be speaking? Thanks for all you do! God Bless USA!

Robert responds:

The exact locations will be published at least two weeks before arrival at each location.  There will be two locations: a hotel where morning conferences will be held that have registration required to limit over-crowding (but I anticipate live streaming so no worries about missing the local interaction), and the main event that will in all probability be a local high school football field or if inclement weather the basketball auditorium, all also live streamed.  Keep an eye on the web site, the interactive map will allow you to click and see all information for each location as it is posted.


You wrote:

Can you add me to you mail list and send me a copy of the flyer?

Robert responds:

We do not do physical mailings nor do we sign you up for anything.  You can opt in for daily digest updates of new postings by entering your email in the box and clicking submit in the upper right corner of the website.

Click on the link below to see the flyer that can be saved as an image and then printed as many times as you wish on your printer (or send to FedEx for as many color copies as you wish — it also prints in poster size if you wish.  You are also free to copy, print, and share the cartoon of our vision for UNITY with INTEGRITY.

ARISE USA Downloadable Flyer & Cartoon

Graphic: Uniting ALL Americans


You wrote:

I am a local musician and want to offer some of my music for posting on your website, and offer to play at your event when you come to XYZ.

Robert responds:

Communicate directly to MUSICIANS_ARISEUSA@protonmail.com


You wrote:

I don’t trust PayPal for various reasons including their deplatforming of Julian Assange. Are there alternatives?

Robert responds:

The offline alternative is a check in the mail with your email neatly and legibly printed on an index card.  Make the check out to Earth Intelligence Network (donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers) and mail to:

Robert David Steele
11005 Langton Arms Court
Oakton VA 22124

We have also created a new STRIPE account for this tour, credit cards  can be used with  STRIPE.


You wrote:

Hi! Robert We were listening to you -we are in new Zealand. We want to give a donation. I have been on Paypal and it states that I requested money from your organization, when I am trying to donate NZ40.00 to your cause. CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE I HAVE GONE WRONG?

Robert responds:

At https://bigbatusa.org/donate you will see two options: REQUEST and SEND. PayPal thinks in terms of requesting money (I pay you) or sending money (you pay me, either for a service or making a donation).

If you do REQUEST  no money is taken from you account and I get an invoice that I then cancel after telling you via email I have  not received any money.

To donate you must select SEND and then enter the amount.

And PayPal knows your email and shares that with me when I do the morning accounting so I can process  you for a Certificate and the Honor Roll.


You wrote:

How do I send a photo of flyers in? Is there a prize?

Robert responds:

Use this dedicated email address: <PHOTOS_ARISEUSA@protonmail.com>.

Attach photos and include exact name of store, town, state where the flyers appear, and we will post this to BigBatUSA.org.

There is a prize: the personal satisfaction of knowing that you kicked some 1% ass and are part of the 99%.  God is on our side. We cannot fail.


You wrote:

I support President Trump and I support your tour idea generally but I am concerned about your welcoming Sandernistas to the fold.  Are they not Socialists?

Robert responds:

I am so glad you raised this question.  The Democrats are socialists, while the Republicans, less Trumpers such as Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, are fascists. We must destroy both parties that front for the Deep State.

The Sandernistas are POPULISTS. While they are of a leftist persuasion, they can be be saved.  They are POPULISTS.  They get that Benie Sanders sold them out, and they get that the DNC is a treasonous party offering nothing to the public except lies and crime and treason.

So I beg of you, embrace the Sandernistas as populist brothers, and count on the Independents and Libertarians to join with the Trumpers to educate them and if necessary neutralize them. We need ALL people (not parties).  We cannot exclude the Sandernista without losing our authenticity and integrity.


You wrote:

Where will you be in San Diego? Can I buy tickets? I live in SD and my husband and I want to help

Robert responds:

We are still in the process of confirming final locations, I love San Diego, spent over year there at MCRD back in the days when women with brains were spitting on us as baby-killers.  MCRD would be a dream location, filling the entire parade field with activist citizens but a large high school football stadium (or if inclement weather, the same high school’s basketball court) are our preferred venues.

Download, print, and post flyers.  The schedule is at https://bigbatusa.org, just click on the map.  We are in San Diego Friday and Saturday 18-19 June and could do an event each day at a different location.  We don’t want to deal with permits or portapotties so our host has to welcome us with no bullshit from local authorities.


You wrote:

Praise be to God, I am called by God to be on stage with you. Can you schedule me to lead a mass meditation / sing a song / do a skit / make an ass of myself / brush my teeth in public / etcetera.

Robert responds:

No. God spoke to us about you directly. God is controlling our 120 scheduled participants and every minute of every stop is allocated to a measured combination of permanent party speaker and musicians, local speakers and musicians, and drop-in speakers and musicians.

For one hour before the main event begins, the stage will be open to a mix of local musicians and activists / truthers. No politicians will be allowed. Extremely ruthless motorcyclists armed with bicycle chains and German Shepards trained to bite your balls off will control access to the stage.


You wrote:

I’m already a subscriber to the weekly Steele Report ($11 mon) but I see you’re offering the most recent one for free. My daughter would like to take advantage of the free one but we are have issues trying to get to it?! Please advise. Thanks.

Robert responds:

Here it is, can also be downloaded as a document

The Steele Report: For Public Conversation

The Steele Report is my only offering that requires a paid subscription and is nothing less than graduate level home schooling for citizens who wish to arm themselves with the power that knowledge  provides.

Everything else is free, with videos and my past publications free online at RobertDavidSteele.com, where you can also click through to the blog.  Nine of my ten websites are free, use the gold bar at the top of each website to click through daily. Opt in for free daily email with my picks from each of the nine websites by subscribing (free) at RobertDavidSteele.com.


You wrote:

Do we need tickets for this? I will be in Dallas. Cannot wait! I don’t want to miss.

Robert responds:

Everything is free in that donors have funded this trip and we are in service to the public.  The hotel conference meetings will require registration just to avoid disappointing those who would be turned away from overcrowding; the main event in the  afternoon is completely open to all the only issue will be parking. At the last minute if we have to we might change locations to jump from 1,000 to 5,000 (or in St. Louis, 15,000). The web site will always have  the latest available information.


You wrote:

How do we volunteer to help at specific locations? Can volunteers ride the buses?

Robert responds:

We need three kinds of volunteers:

Constitutional Sheriffs that will protect us and appear on stage with us so we can show our support for their re-election

Fairgrounds or park or airport hanger officials that will welcome us

Citizens who can band together to fund their own billboard and distribute flyers, see links below. We are actively seeking local knowledge, for example, we just confirmed a location in Lincoln County instead of Charlotte NC, because it is a safer more patriotic location than what we saw available in Charlotte.

Generally I welcome volunteers and tell them we will not ingest them formally, they are to act independently and as they see fit.  They should be encouraged to recruit others to the fight with an emphasis on diversity and uniting the populist left with the populist right and both of those with Independents and Libertarians.


You wrote:

Blah blah blah bullshit from web optimization services

Robert deleted and blocked the sender forevermore.