As individuals and groups make donations, they will be listed here in alphabetical order by County. Each individual making a donation to the tour will receive a certificate as a Founding Citizen, 2nd American Revolution.

DONATE ($100 Recommended):

Checks to EIN (501c3) mail  to
11005 Langton Arms Court
Oakton, VA 22124

NOTICE: If you have donated and do not see your name here, then your email as recorded at PayPal is not working.  Send an email to me at the below email, I beg of all others to not use this email, I can only afford to deal with donors.

NOTICE: Donors from 20 March on be patient.  The manual process  of getting county and state and permission and then generating certificates was destroying Robert.  We are automating the process. Respond to the email and fill in the form (including NO if you want to be Anonymous) we are automating the certificate generation (delivered via email) and we are also trying to automate the Honor Roll process with separate pages per state and then one day per county, parish, or borough likely.  THIS IS A MULTI-YEAR TOUR. We are building County PowerCells that can tell DNC and GOP to fuck off while finally giving Independents, Libertarians, Sandernistas (populists of the left), Greens, and others a path back to the Constitution and Constitutional Counties that honor Faith, Family, & Freedom (and family farms and the truth, sub-text).

Cochise County

Austin, Cherie, 20210427

Betsy, 20210426

Currier, Vic, 20210416

Pyeatt, Marie Higgs, 20210424

Turnage, Julia, 20210429

Coconino County

Crowther, Rebecca, 20210428

Faith, Kris, 20210506

Nan, Nancy, 20210503

Gila County

Burrell, Carol, 20210429

Carol, 20210430

Maricopa County

Anonymous, 20210406

Anonymous, 20210408

Barnes, Vicki, 20210429

Bialecki, Linda, 20210501

Brandon, 20210430

Brown, Shannon, 20210425

Colley, Joel MD, 20210501

D, 20210328

Davidson, Bonnie, 20210317

Derevyankin, Natasha, 20210430

Ellis, John, 20210403

Faith Faith, 20210414

Finnern, Roger, 20210325

Flowers, Colleen,20210413

Frazier, Patti, 20210428

Frazier, Wiebke, 20210429


Gilleran, Leo, 20210503

Gregg, Bob, 20210330

H, Rika, 20210430

Hamman, John, 20210429

Hansotia, Hooty, 20210508

Hillebrand, Jody, 20210430

Hoel, Deborah, 20210318

Holden, Esther, 20210504

Hopkins, Renee, 20210429

Howell, Christy, 20210504

Karlee, 20210411

Kathleen, 20210409

Kishel, Cynthia, 20210429

LaMountain, Sherry, 20210317

Landa, Sally, 20210505

Littleton, Charles S., 20210430

MacLeod, Rob B., 20210508

Maloney, Jennifer, 20210410

McEnaney, Dara, 20210404

McEnaney, Jim, 20210404

McKay, Susan, 20210503

Mittleider, Susan, 20210429

Neff, Brandon, 20210430

Nishijima, Linda, 20210425

Norkett, Len, 20210325


Proud, Charles, 20210504

Proud, Laurie, 20210504

Riehl, Charles, 20210425

Roden, Carin, 20210323

RockinRonda, 20210428

Schwartz, Lois, 20210408

Siddans, Douglas, 20210428

Siddans, Shelley, 20210428

Sigler, Gary, 20210430

Sitcler, Dorothy, 20210429

Stroup, Deborah, 20210428

Thompson, Jason, 20210428

Turner, Karen, 20210430

Warwick, Lyndy, 20210407


Young, Julie, 20210330

Young, Scott, 20210330

Zukowska, Anna, 20210327

Mohave County

Hanna-Pia, Abuelita, 20210330

Munn, Lori J., 20210428

Radtke, Lori, 20210323

West, John, 20210319

Woods, Wesley, 20210426

Navajo County

Conley, Peggy, 20210407

Walling, Linda Sue, 20210313

Payson County

Orpen, Carolyn Dee, 20210407

Pima County

Anonymous, 20210425

Bancroft, Eric, 20210423

Carter, Loren Jensen, 20210427

Cruz, David, 20210508

Devitt, Patricia, 20210425

Gepp, Sally, 20210508

Hanzie, Gerald, 20210429

Jarvis, Leslie, 20210501

Katelin, 20210407

Mansourian, Gregory, 20210326

Margaret J., 20210410

Neustedter, Janet, 20210414

Sellars, Sue, 20210502

Shryock, David, 20210414

Spalding, James, 20210430

Vanderschraaf, Claudia, 20210429

Pinal County

Briner, Sharon, 20210429

Burgener, Gerald, 20210430

Carol, 20210406

Goller, George, 20210429

Jordan, Eddie, 20210429

Liers, Henry, 20210420

Pearson, Vicki, 20210430

Spiegel, Bobbie, 20210403

Spiegel, Jim, 20210415

Santa Cruz County,


Santa Cruz County

Ritchie, Tom, 20210501

Yavapai County

Atkinson, Charles, 20210425

Ball, Martin J., 20210412

Bond, Jeanne, 20210317

Bond, Vince, 20210317

Carr, Heather, 20210104

Coleman, Ronnette, 20210507

Cytrynowicz, Ignacio, 20210425

Dion, Dennis, 20210429

Esquibel, Gilbert, 20210429

Mackey, Charles, 20210318

Martin, 20210429

Mauro, Catherine, 20210430

Singleton, Iona, 20210507

Struckmeyer, William, 20210425

Yuma County

Barnes, Debbie, 20210503

Bash, Randy, 20210426

Faith, 20210418

Rein, Jeffrey, 20210327