As individuals and groups make donations, they will be listed here in alphabetical order by County. Each individual making a donation to the tour will receive a certificate as a Founding Citizen, 2nd American Revolution.

DONATE ($100 Recommended):

Checks to EIN (501c3) mail  to
11005 Langton Arms Court
Oakton, VA 22124

NOTICE: If you have donated and do not see your name here, then your email as recorded at PayPal is not working.  Send an email to me at the below email, I beg of all others to not use this email, I can only afford to deal with donors.

NOTICE: Donors from 20 March on be patient.  The manual process  of getting county and state and permission and then generating certificates was destroying Robert.  We are automating the process. Respond to the email and fill in the form (including NO if you want to be Anonymous) we are automating the certificate generation (delivered via email) and we are also trying to automate the Honor Roll process with separate pages per state and then one day per county, parish, or borough likely.  THIS IS A MULTI-YEAR TOUR. We are building County PowerCells that can tell DNC and GOP to fuck off while finally giving Independents, Libertarians, Sandernistas (populists of the left), Greens, and others a path back to the Constitution and Constitutional Counties that honor Faith, Family, & Freedom (and family farms and the truth, sub-text).

Adams County

Barlow, Gwenn, 20210512

Campbell, William, 20210501

Huber, Mary, 20210429

Kidsley, Linda, 20210419

Paiz, Sheri, 20210331

Paiz, Tom, 20210405

Robertson, Debra, 20210410

Arapahoe County

Doctoroff, Michelle, 20210411

Johnson, Joanne, 20210503

Rantschler, Robert, 20210430

Sarles, John, 20210429

Seier, Josee, 20210429

Seier, Steve, 20210429

Vincent, Jason, 20210323

Voboril, Julie, 20210409

Boulder County

Balmer, Gregory, 20210409

Jeanmarie, 20210508

Khalsa, GuruDhan, 20210515

Kirsch, Vicki, 20210501

Lersch, Marlies, 20210507

Moore, Cynthia, 20210423

Shulkin, Michael, 20210425

Spreder, Edward, 20210425

Winkelhake, Erika, 20210505

Broomfield County

Brunsvold, Bill, 20210325

Crow, Carol Ann, 20210429

Liesveld, Mike, 20210317

Chaffee County

Hess, Carolyn,20210412

Clear Creek County 

Dix, Shanae, 20210429

Reagon, Ronda, 20210430

Denver County

Amos, Susan, 20210430

Davies, Louanne, 20210503

Sickle, Christine Van, 20210429

Tompkins, Iris, 20210428

White, Heidi, 20210430

Delta County

Doden, Melinda, 20210429

Rosen, Kayla C, 20210404

Douglas County

Barbie, 20210507

Bartlett, Michael, 20210425

Bodley, Laurence, 20210414

Brown, Betsy, 20210429

Brown, Elizabeth, 20210512

Cindy, 20210422

Dahl, Cinsy, 20210511

Eibner, Alison, 20210430

Falkel, Dianne, 20210505

Lauritzen, Michelle, 20210425

Roberts, Eric, 20210324

Sharon, Christie, 20210507

Stansberry, Patrick, 20210502

Tamayo, Cynthia, 20210422

Ura, Claudia, 20210501

Eagle County

Greg, 20210430

Linda, 20210429

El Paso County

Brendemuhl, Bill, 20210429

Cochran, Rita, 20210428

Dunn, Catherine, 20210408

Kelly, Penny, 20210429

Koob, Jefferson, 20210430

Meyer, Linda, 20210430

Nack, Beth, 20210429

Ritschard, Timothy, 20210428


Bailey, Frank, 20210429

Garfield County

Haschke, Anthony J., 20210504

Surin, Vivian, 20210501

Grand County

Singer, John, 20210429

Jefferson County

Catalano, Phil, 20210324

Carmichael, Catherine, 20210402

Carmichael, Gerald, 20210402

Cohn, Patricia, 20210322

Dan, 20210429

Davis, Susan, 20210429

Geiger, Linda, 20210424

Larkin, Jennifer, 20210501

Larkson, Solei, 20210501

McPherson, Curt, 20210331

Nicoletti, David, 20210508

Thompson, Selma, 20210414

Walsh, Lisa, 20210428

La Plata County

Cushing, Chris, 20210430

Lindstrom, Erin, 20210429

Rhonda & Keith, 20210507

Tribble, Nicole, 20210430

Larimer County

Cecelia, 20210426

Daharsh, Andrew, 20210404

Daniele, 20210426

Foster, Kristina, 20210423

Haas, Karen, 20210504

Jerome, Linda, 20210429

Jobe, Sally, 20210501

Kern, Dana, 20210429

Linda, 20210429

Moyes, Janet, 20210428

Rogers, Cathy, 20210502

Struggles, Lynnette, 20210429

Sumerix, Daniele, 20210426

Wilson, Kory, 20210429

White Parasol,20210426

Mesa County

Barnes, Barbara Grace, 20210507

Hardinger, Earl, 20210409

Hartman, Lynda, 20210422

Kimble, Linda, 20210508

Latham, Karen, 20210426

Van Dellen, Richard, 20210328

Montrose County

Florio, Mark, 20210411

Forberg, Ron, 20210513

Laychak, Donna, 20210412

Morgan County

Baessler, Darin, 20210430

Park County

Overman, Linda, 20210516

Sanders, Richard, 20210501

Prowers County

Holdren, Susan, 20210429


Granata, Eric, 20210501

Vancea, Ben and Irina, 20210429

Saguache County

Donater, 20210322

Wright, Paki S, 20210510

San Miguel County

Gallagher, James, 20210324

Summit County

Pierce, Jason E., 20210401

Teller County

Estrada, Douglas, 20210428

McMillan-Bamber, Donna, 20210511

Schwery, Erika, 20210429

Weld County

Blough, Colette, 20210424

Clark, Brian, 20210429

Schnorr, Wayne, 20210428

Spurling, Katharina, 20210429