As individuals and groups make donations, they will be listed here in alphabetical order by County. Each individual making a donation to the tour will receive a certificate as a Founding Citizen, 2nd American Revolution.

DONATE ($100 Recommended):

Checks to EIN (501c3) mail  to
11005 Langton Arms Court
Oakton, VA 22124

NOTICE: If you have donated and do not see your name here, then your email as recorded at PayPal is not working.  Send an email to me at the below email, I beg of all others to not use this email, I can only afford to deal with donors.


NOTICE: Donors from 20 March on be patient.  The manual process  of getting county and state and permission and then generating certificates was destroying Robert.  We are automating the process. Respond to the email and fill in the form (including NO if you want to be Anonymous) we are automating the certificate generation (delivered via email) and we are also trying to automate the Honor Roll process with separate pages per state and then one day per county, parish, or borough likely.  THIS IS A MULTI-YEAR TOUR. We are building County PowerCells that can tell DNC and GOP to fuck off while finally giving Independents, Libertarians, Sandernistas (populists of the left), Greens, and others a path back to the Constitution and Constitutional Counties that honor Faith, Family, & Freedom (and family farms and the truth, sub-text).

Berrien County

Clanton, Shane Michael, 20210321

Frank, Deb, 20210402

Calhoun County

Craig, 20210407

Soltis, Teresa, 20210426

Cassopolis County

Jellison, Rebecca J, 20210324

Jellison, Steven C, 20210324

Clinton County

Brooks, Tawni, 20210429

Conklin, Sharon, 20210425

Labadie, Monique, 20210318

Nielsen, Deborah, 20210324

Smith, Laura, 20210502

Crawford County

Richards, Karen, 20210425

Delta County

Terry, 20210415

Genesee County

Bireta, Lori, 20210501

Bradley, Carla, 20210425

Day, Julie, 20210429

Gogebic County

Studer, Doug, 20210423

Grand Traverse County

Payne, Anthony, 20210429

Houghton County

Pender, Jill, 20210331

Sleeman, Lynn, 20210330

Stone, Crystal, 20210327

Yolanda, 20210415

Huron County

Siemen, Barbara, 20210508

Ingham County

Carpio, Aleksandra, 20210429

Coe, Cindy, 20210425

Edwards, Bob,20210413

Forbord, Janis, 20210425

Ionia County

Juarez, Christine, 20210324

Jackson County

Draper, Brian, 20210408

James, Sandra, 20210429

Lewis, Shelly, 20210501

Mahoney, Timothy, 20210507

Pam, 20210428

Sandy, 20210501

Watson, Pamela, 20210428

Kalamazoo County

Carrier, Sara, 20210429

Roe, Craig, 20210421

Roe, Logan, 20210421

Kent County

Fluharty, Betsy, 20210428

Gladish, Mary, 20210430

Herrema, Kathleen, 20210425

Steelandt, Dan, 20210402

Lake County

Denton, Kyle, 20210508

Lapeer County

Mitchell, Michelle, 20210323

Sellers, Jason, 20210428

Lenawee County

Halberstadt, Jeffrey, 20210324

Jahner, Garold, 20210318

Livingston County

Browning, Susan, 20210429

Buell, Ruth, 20210430

Hoffman, Jeff, 20210507

Hoffman, Rita, 20210507

Kelly, 20210510

Norris, Michael, 20210423

Opsahl, Jerry, 20210411

Waak, Jill, 20210429

Waak, James, 20210429

Mackinac County

Langstaff, Vicki, 20210415

Macomb County

Anonymous, 20210327

Czerwinski, Elizabeth, 20210511

Daniels, Candace, 20210429

Delor, Lee W, 20210321

Fanelli, Stephanie, 20210416

Kelly, Carolyn, 20210429

Mazur, James, 20210429

McGrath, Kathy L., 20210429

Podolski, Kenneth, 20210415

Roberts, Rosemary, 20210509

Wilson, Mark A, 20210325

Zabel, David, 20210508

Mecosta County

Langworthy, Dawn, 20210429

McHugh, Dennis, 20210429

Midland County

Yaroch, Vanda, 20210429

Monroe County

Pawlak, Deborah, 20210408

Montcalm County

Katie WWG1WGA, 20210410

Muskegon County

Halter, Susie, 20210429

Sue, 20210429

Walter, Ryan, 20210330

Oakland County

Anonymous, 20210324

Anonymous, 20210320

Bishop, Donald, 20210429

Butcher, Bruce, 20210323

Douglas, 20210501

Gosney, Gregory, 20210507

Green, Joan, 20210507

Joan, 20210507

Melissa, 20210412

Mindy, 20210430

Paulson, Mary, 20210512

Perry, Bobbe, 20210321

Proctor, Rev. Dr. Charlene M., 20210427

Robertson, Terri, 20210514

Sheryl, 20210408

Tetrault, Lise, 20210330

Troutman, Mindy, 20210407

VanDerMaas, Heidi, 20210430

VanScoyoc, James, 20210429

Williams, Dennis, 20210501

Ogemaw County

Lamont, 20210408

Osceola County

Major, Sherri, 20210501

Ottawa County

Graham, Sean, 20210414

Klinge, Ruth A., 20210325

Larry, 20210429

McKinnon, David J, 20210508

Pravda, Cindy, 20210516

Saginaw County

Reif, Karen, 20210501

Weiss, Rodney, 20210411

St. Clair County

Fistler, Alicia, 20210327

Gunst, Robert, 20210501

Lulis, Steven, 20210404

Szostak, Gary, 20210422

Thomas, Ann, 20210406

Thomas, Paul, 20210406

Van, Marty, 20210510

St. Joseph County

Kendall, Sharon, 20210413

Standard, Kathleen, 20210413

Shiawassee County

Sanchez, Regina, 20210319

Van Buren County

Hayes, Kenny, 20210329

Washtenaw County

Batton-Boston, Kelly, 20210510

Gechter, Joel B, 20210325

Wayne County

Alberga, Kathleen, 20210324

Bell, Christopher J., 20210427

Christe-Schultz, Lisa, 20210323

Gorgas, Christian, 20210511

Marron, Alex, 20210409

Nelson, Michele, 20210418

Patera, Gerald, 20210331

Perry, Linda L., 20210427

Preece, Daniel, 20210425

Robinson, Courtney, 20210418

Simpson, Ted, 20210430