As individuals and groups make donations, they will be listed here in alphabetical order by County. Each individual making a donation to the tour will receive a certificate as a Founding Citizen, 2nd American Revolution.

DONATE ($100 Recommended):

Checks to EIN (501c3) mail  to
11005 Langton Arms Court
Oakton, VA 22124

NOTICE: If you have donated and do not see your name here, then your email as recorded at PayPal is not working.  Send an email to me at the below email, I beg of all others to not use this email, I can only afford to deal with donors.


NOTICE: Donors from 20 March on be patient.  The manual process  of getting county and state and permission and then generating certificates was destroying Robert.  We are automating the process. Respond to the email and fill in the form (including NO if you want to be Anonymous) we are automating the certificate generation (delivered via email) and we are also trying to automate the Honor Roll process with separate pages per state and then one day per county, parish, or borough likely.  THIS IS A MULTI-YEAR TOUR. We are building County PowerCells that can tell DNC and GOP to fuck off while finally giving Independents, Libertarians, Sandernistas (populists of the left), Greens, and others a path back to the Constitution and Constitutional Counties that honor Faith, Family, & Freedom (and family farms and the truth, sub-text).

Asotin County

Clare, Randall, 20210504

Durnin, Michael, 20210324


Jensen, Kimberlee, 20210430

Benton County

Charles, 20210507

Ginger, 20210425

Hartshorn, Esther, 20210502

Hartshorn, Donald, 20210507

Rock, James, 20210502

Villarreal, Lygia, 20210429

Wild, Jane, 20210410

Chelan County

Gonya, Michelle, 20210429

Scott, Jeffery, 20210426

Clallam County

Charles, Terisa, 20210507

Heath, Michael, 20210505

Clark County

Anderson, Lori, 20210330

Anonymous, 20210323

Bowers, Bryce, 20210429

Boyer, Mark, 20210429

Elerick, Edith, 20210428

Grieco, Bonnie, 20210429

Jackson, Jeanine, 20210501

Karlsen, Curtis, 20210419

Leingang, Roberta, 20210508

Thayer, Michelle, 20210503

Columbia County

Marc, 20210410

Cowlitz County

Bellinger, Franxces, 20210502

Grant County

Vrieling, J. Scott, 20210427

Grays Harbor County

Callentine, Stella, 20210424


Kollmar, Vickie, 20210429

Wick, Stacy, 20210425

Jefferson County

Charles, Terisa, 20210507

King County

Anonymous, 20210509

Baker, Michele, 20210508

Brown, Loretta, 20210410

Coffin, Selby, 20210425

Devoe, Jordan, 20210316

Edwards, Frank, 20210415

Fawcett, Holly,20210410

Gardner, Susan, 20210427

Grumman, Susan, 20210428

Hamerly, Russ, 20210323

James, Linda, 20210503

Jamieson, David, 20210411

Jana, 20210501

Loretta, 20210410

Lottinville, Jana, 20210501

McClure, Linda, 20210502

McQ., Jana, 20210403

Miller, Teresa, 20210507

Parker, Sharyn, 20210430

Pippin, Jean Pippin, 20210412

Rahm, Chris, 20210508

Rex, Lin, 20210430

Rombeau, Jeff, 20210503

Salamonik, Miroslav, 20210429

tenWolde, Barbara, 20210502

Tidwell, Daniel, 20210428

Tiffany, 20210408

William, 20210408

Kitsap County

Brown, Douglas, 20210508

Cott, Kathleen, 20210501

Ingram, Annette, 20210406

Lackman, Maralee, 20210423

LeClaire, Christopher, 20210323

Morgan, Jim, 20210425

Wilson, Kay W., 20210423

Kittitas County

Anonymous, 20210426

David, 20210429

Grauerholz, Kathy, 20210426

Lewis County

Sangder, Otto, 20210317

Sangder, Peggy, 20210317

Thomas, Kimberly, 20210409

Okanogan County

Long, Flora, 20210506

Pend Oreille County

Walsh, Diana, 20210428

Pierce County

Brooks, Darrell, 20210411

Culver, Timothy, 20210429

Frances, Kathleen Fay, 20210429

Hansen, Kathleen, 20210429

Matz, Sara, 20210331

Miller, Diane, 20210508

Morris, Sylvia, 20210423

Shaw, Kim, 20210507

So-Ya-Know, 20210403

San Juan County

DuPas, Michael, 20210320

Lean, Shauna, 20210505

Rice, Jennifer, 20210428

Skagit County

Bill, 20210425

Carpenter, Robin, 20210323

Connite, Daryl, 20210509

Connite, Dee, 20210509

Koeth, William, 20210425

LaVoy, Gary, 20210429

Skamania County

Coffman, Ben, 20210401

Snohomish County

Cooks, Lisa, 20210502

Corrigan, Richard, 20210501

Depot, Robert, 20210420

Fuller, John, 20210429

Harkins, Ed, 20210330

Liberty Knight, 20210428

Spencer, Peter, 20210429

Williams, Michael, 20210420

Spokane County

Bridenbaker, Jodi, 20210507

Cory WWG1 Triplett WGA, 20210324

Farrell, Janie, 20210429

King, Connie, 20210416

Kluver, Dennis, 20210429

Losey, David C., 20210430

Peter, 20210405

Phillips-Deguire, Noraine, 20210329

Pope, Deborah, 20210428

Stanaway, Russell, 20210425

Storch, Scott, 20210429

Weary, Dana, 20210429

Wright, Jonathan, 20210506

Wright, Melissa, 20210506

Stevens County

Kaiser, Shannon, 20210426

Thurston County

Arias, Adrienne, 20210506

Fyrst, Eva, 20210429

Lord, Susan, 20210504

Vancouver County

Greene, Lockietta, 20210325

Washington D.C.

Sullivan, Dennis, 20210501

Whatcom County

Kim, 20210430

Peppar, Collon, 20210430

Whitman County

Perry, Helen, 20210425

Yakima County

Butcher, Cheryl, 20210427

Melton, Theresa, 20210318