As individuals and groups make donations, they will be listed here in alphabetical order by County. Each individual making a donation to the tour will receive a certificate as a Founding Citizen, 2nd American Revolution.

DONATE ($100 Recommended):

Checks to EIN (501c3) mail  to
11005 Langton Arms Court
Oakton, VA 22124

NOTICE: If you have donated and do not see your name here, then your email as recorded at PayPal is not working.  Send an email to me at the below email, I beg of all others to not use this email, I can only afford to deal with donors.


NOTICE: Donors from 20 March on be patient.  The manual process  of getting county and state and permission and then generating certificates was destroying Robert.  We are automating the process. Respond to the email and fill in the form (including NO if you want to be Anonymous) we are automating the certificate generation (delivered via email) and we are also trying to automate the Honor Roll process with separate pages per state and then one day per county, parish, or borough likely.  THIS IS A MULTI-YEAR TOUR. We are building County PowerCells that can tell DNC and GOP to fuck off while finally giving Independents, Libertarians, Sandernistas (populists of the left), Greens, and others a path back to the Constitution and Constitutional Counties that honor Faith, Family, & Freedom (and family farms and the truth, sub-text).

Barron County

David, 20210425

Hannula, Carol, 20210324

Brown County

Sherry, 20210413

Calumet County

Blake, Ann, 20210317

Blake, Randy, 20210412

Crawford County

Sipos, Angela, 20210314

Dane County

Dhuey, Charles, 20210415

Marchu, Jim, 20210425

Dodge County

Dippel, Coleen, 20210410

Dunn County

Chapman, Keith, 20210429

CKSUllom, 20210414

Eau Claire County

Calkins, Matthew, 20210404

Green County

Myers, Patti, 20210429

Green Lake

Madosh, Anthony, 20210505

Iowa County

Howard, Paul, 20210323

Jefferson County

Kevin, 20210429

Kenosha County

Barthule, Jessica, 20210402

Koser, Theresa, 20210412

Schacht, Susan, 20210412

La Crosse

Sharyn, Jordan, 20210507


Miles, Mazie, 20210428

Marathon County

Gebhardt, Sue, 20210425

Steger, Marcie, 20210429

Marquette County

Dulaney, Brian, 20210429

Milwaukee County

Felten, Carl, 20210412

Felten, Sharon, 20210412

Mitchell, Janet, 20210501

Robertson, Maggie, 20210331

Thomas, Judith, 20210429

Vaysfeld, Tatyana, 20210422

Oneida County

Cook, Margaret, 20210407

Eaton-Nyman, Jane Ellen, 20210325

Outagamie County

Barb, 20210425

Dudash, Eileen, 20210507

Hofacker, Deb/Tim, 20210323

Johnson, Michael, 20210501

Ozaukee County

Uselding, Jenny, 20210406

Pierce County

Citoli, Gina, 20210407

Pulk, John, 20210407

Polk County

Jorgensen, Barbara, 20210429

Portage County

Hilt, Darrel, 20210418


Petersen, Barbara, 20210505

Rock County

Christ, Gary, 20210402

Sauk County

Platt, Susan, 20210423

Sawyer County

Tveten, Donna, 20210429

Shawano County

Riesterer, John, 20210402


Phillips, Christine, 20210501

St. Croix

Caples-McDonald, Tracy, 20210403

Schumaker, Adam, 20210410

Walworth County

Hoffman, Yanaka, 20210430

Sommer, Kim, 20210325

Washington County

Ann, 20210425

Andrea, 20210428

Burgett, Casey, 20210427

Comeau, Andrea, 20210428

Shoemaker, Marycarol, 20210405

Waukesha County

Bauman,  Jennifer, 20210323

Bauman, Tom, 20210323

Baumer, Angela, 20210429

Beres, Mary, 20210428

Custer, Michel, 20210429

Cygan, Britta, 20210430

Fritz, Rod, 20210506

Hattes, Ann, 20210403

Koback, Nicole, 20210402

Krogsund, Jason, 20210430

Kuehn, Janet, 20210428

Latzke, Norma,20210326

Leitermann, Kimberly, 20210425

Wilgus, Alanna, 20210506

Winnebago County

Balistrieri, John, 20210503

Wood County

Donna Jicinsky ND, 20210410