Constitutional Issues

There are multiple Constitutional issues, enough to suggest that a Constitutional Convention may be long over-due.

Bill of Rights

See the Sub-Page for a Restatement of the Bill of Rights, and a short comment of absolute support for each.  The current Congress is in sharp violation of the Constitution on multiple fronts: if Members do not agree to pass the Electoral Act of 2012 as an interim stabilizing measure, every single one of them that voted for NDAA should be recalled, and Courts that argue with the right of any state to recall its federal officials should be ignored.  Hound them out of office if you have to.

Electoral Reform

Electoral Reform is addressed as completely as possible by the various crowd-sourced documents and the many links at the Electoral Reform page with sub-pages.

28th Amendment / Citizens United

There is a need for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to overturn the corrupt, idiotic, and truly reprehensible Supreme Court decision against Citizens United.  Below is a reference document that also points to the home web site.  This has been integrated into the eleventh item in the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 outline.

Reference: Free Speech for People – Update on Work to Overturn Supreme Court Ruling on Citizens United