Citizens United / Move to Amend

The Supreme Court is the third branch of the federal government that has become totally corrupt.  Below is a short history of how this happened.

David Swanson: History of Corporate Personhood — How Lewis Powell & US Chamber of Commerce Bought the US Supreme Court

Below are a number of reference points for citizens who believe, as We the People Reform Coalition represents, that the Supreme Court has betrayed the public trust; those members who voted against Citizens United should be shown into retirement, and a Constitutional Amendment–perhaps the same one that addresses Electoral Reform, passed to forever remove money from politics–and also private sector organizations from the electoral process (proprietary software easily manipulated).

Bernie Sanders: Why Congress Fears Citizens United

Building Democracy Amongst Corporate Personhood Rights, Powers, and Legal Fictions

Corporations Are Not People, Money is Not Speech: Repealing Corporate Personhood Throughout America

Dolphin: Move to Amend (End Corporate “Personality”)

Journal: Freedom of Speech, Personhood, & Corporations Ubber Alles–You Will Be Assimilated

Journal: Free Speech for People Challenges Supreme Court

Michael Ostrolenk: Should Corporations Have People Rights?

Reference: Free Speech for People – Update on Work to Overturn Supreme Court Ruling on Citizens United

Reference: How the Oligarchs Took America

Soldiers for Peace Comparison of Proposed Amendments