Veterans as a Symptom and as a Solution

18 veterans a day are committing suicide here in the USA, while 1000 a month attempt suicide.

The figures on amputations and multiple amputations especially, have been shamefully withheld from the public.  We estimate there are as many as 75,000 amputees from the elective war in Iraq that was mounted on a foundation of 935 now-documented lies by Dick Cheney and others who hijacked the Republican Party, Congress, and White House.

Veterans are also the solution.  They have seen first-hand what America will look like it it continues its fall from grace in the hands of the two-party tyranny.  They have brains, balls, and integrity.  They understand what it means to be a deeply patriotic American, to be given illegal orders, to suffer cognitive dissonance from the chasm between the fantasies of the White House and the reality on the ground.