Our tour will have one simple national message and one simple county-level message.

The national message can be summed up as

#UNRIG – Stop the $DOLLARS$ to Corrupt Politicians

Stop all donations to all politicians until #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed  and implemented.

Why are you giving money to anybody making promises they cannot and will not be able to keep because the entire system is rigged?

Turn off the money, let’s hear them squeal like the pigs they are.

Our county-level message will center on Constitutional Sheriffs as led by Sheriff Richard Mack and exemplified by Sheriff (now Commissioner) Brad Johnson: citizens can and should demand that their Sheriff, the highest law enforcement authority in any county by virtue of being elected and having the power to deputize citizens, protect them from federal, state, and local officials who attempt to impose unconstitutional and unreasonable rules and acts.

I will go further.  As a former spy intimately familiar with bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing, I have this to say:

We are working with CSPOA and My Patriots Network to create additional forums for individuals across all political affiliation including Independent and Sandernistas screwed by the DNC as well as Trumpers screwed by the GOP, with special regard for Libertarians and Greens whose time to be heard is now.

#UNRIG – BDS DNC & GOP was my original meme.

This tour is committed to giving everyone a fair shot at Congress such that in 2022 Congress will no longer be controlled by the two-party tyranny and instead have Libertarians, Independents, Sandernistas, Trumpers, Greens, and others in proportional representation.

Our third an final message, one for which I am particularly well suited, but with a special focus on the fake pandemic and the crimes against humanity represented by the fake toxic vaccines, deals with the truth and how citizens can and should demand an end to lies and especially legalized lies by Congress, the federal and state and local executives, the media, academia, and “scientists” who use vaccines that are not tested as a means of depopulating the world with a particular bias against people of color.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

My intent is to call on specialists to illuminate for the public the treason and high crimes represented by the fake pandemic, unconstitutional lockdown, mask idiocy, and the deaths and sterilization and mutations associated with the untested toxic “vaccines” that are neither approved nor warranted — junk science is now criminal science.

The time has also come to create Web 3.0, Open Source Everything, and the World-Brain. With a tip of the hat to Tom Atlee, founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute who mentored me on Collective Intelligence, I will say with assurance:

There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed, and fixed quick, by restoring the integrity of our electoral and information ecologies — we do that by putting the public back into public governance, arming them with truthful information, and indicting for treason any government official — elected or appointed — who betrays the public trust and sells us out to the Deep State