Penny Kelly: Vision Statement

Vision Statements

My vision is a world that nurtures human potential and full development.

After watching the slow degeneration of government, finance, education, the courts, the family, and many of our critical institutions, it became clear to me that a whole new kind of world would eventually need to be created. It was also clear that a new kind of consciousness was needed or we would end up creating the same problems all over again. Toward these ends, I have spent many years teaching people to develop and expand their consciousness.

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Robert Steele: We Wish Cristina Tobin Well, We Have NOT Accepted Her Invitation to Speak at Fair and Balanced 2021


Cristina Tobin invited Cynthia McKinney and me to speak at Fair and Balanced 2021 in California 3-4 July 2021.  We have NOT accepted her invitation because that conflicts our tour.

Below is my kind message to her.

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Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210402

Captain's Log

CYNTHIA:  Yesterday, I wrote about the homeless problem in the U.S.  Well, we also have a justice problem, too.  Because the Supreme Court decided to basically let Hillary walk, I want to just refresh your memory on some of her crimes committed while we–the taxpayers–were paying her:  overthrow governments (Honduras, Ukraine), install puppets (Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti), change election results (USA, Haiti), destroy whole countries and steal their gold/lithium (Libya, Bolivia), defend their friends who are stealing little children from foreign countries, start wars, Balkanize countries (Kosovo from Serbia) and get away with it; also know that President Trump did nothing to exact justice on behalf of the millions of her victims.

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Ask Us Anything: Steele Pro-Life, McKinney Pro-Abortion, Say What?

Ask Us Anything

How can ardently pro-life Trump join forces with equally ardent pro-abortion McKinney? Is abortion not as immoral as child sacrifice?

CYNTHIA:  Our goal is to bring people together where they are. The moment you set preconditions for working with each other is the moment the 1% win. Therefore, if we observe the principle that we come together and accept each other where we are, we can tackle the problems on which we have agreement. Immediately, the 1% point to the differences in a population and then they win.

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