Robert Steele: My Vision for America — and the World

Vision Statements


In 2017 I was recommended (publicly) and nominated (secretly) for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I do not deserve that Prize, even though I hold it in scorn and contempt now that it has been politicized and moved completely away from Alfred Nobel’s vision.

It is however relevant that my vision for integrating holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) was the  basis for my being recommended by Jan Kalvik, then Editor in Chief of Defence and Intelligence Norway, and nominated by a Norwegian Minister, his friend, who desires to remain anonymous.

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National Tour

Tour General

The above is subject to change between now and 1 April when we lock down our plan.  We had planned to start 15 June, we are now moving that up to 15 May if we can raise the first $500K in April. Red dots are 2-4 days stays.

Our Theme: The Great Awakening – A National Conversation

Our Battle Cry:  #UNRIG – Stop the $Dollars$

Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) ALL Politicians — No Donations  Until Congress and State Legislatures pass & implement honest elections.

We are sensitive to the “nine nations of North America” (and Robert is fluent in Spanish while Cynthia speaks South and Richard speaks Western) so we will be mixing and matching companion riders and speakers including locals for each of the nine regions.

Juan O. Savin (P), one of our potential sponsors, has flagged

For God & County Patriot Roundup 2021

28-31 May 2021 in Dallas, as a necessary event. If we start from Atlanta or Nashville on 15 May we can have 4 wrapped buses  in Dallas for that event or as a sideshow available free to all those who will travel to hear Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell.

Our present planned configuration is four buses, one each for Robert Steele, Cynthia McKinney, and Sheriff Mack.

We have confirmed Engineer Penny Kelly and have invited several others but only four of us — plus drivers and staff — will go the whole distance.

The Contact page is where a form can be completed to opt in (and cancellation will always be easy to do). Use the donate button if you want to have an immediate discussion with Robert, $100 is recommended donation amount but any amount will receive a personal email thank you from Robert.