Founding Citizen Certificates – 2nd American Revolution, 1st Global Revolution


Here are samples of the two certificates we are issuing to all donors, with $100 the recommended donation but any amount is honored.  Each donor is asked to complete a form to nail down their name as they wish it to appear, their state and their county (or province and country if international, and their wishes on how to be listed on the Honor Roll — name, or Anonymous, or a code name.

Second certificate and donation information are below the fold.

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Citizen Exchange: Tour Stop Strategy – Locations NOT in Big Cities, Seeking Neutral Ground on Outskirts Near Real People


I am personally managing the Contact forms and will continue to do so until we hire a ground game coordinator.  Below is a very valuable exchange with one of you that I post for information.


I live in Wisconsin. Why is your tour only stopping at strong demoncrap cities across the US? You are only going to get corrupt people to attend your festival. The real people of the US do not go to these dangerous, corrupt cities for anything. Are you just trying to get gang shootouts? That’s what you’re aiming for.

Why not go to large fairgrounds in rural counties? Do you really think real people are going to go to St. Louis and may be wind up dead?


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National Tour: Payments


I have just wired $62,500 to the coach company and $47,500 to the wrap company.

We need to raise $180K every two weeks. That;s roughly $12K per night or just 130 patriots giving $100 one time .

I have ordered that NO ONE who has donated once is to receive any email asking for more.  Your word of mouth is what we need after your one time donation of $100.

I am the sole financial and legal authority for this tour. If we crash and burn it is on me.

DONATE to be a Founding Citizen of the 2nd American Revolution (Certificate)

Patriot: Trent Loos


Humorist & Storyteller on Rural America Trent Loos

Loos Tales is dedicated to exploring the interesting people and places of Rural America. It is the creation of Trent Loos, a sixth generation United States farmer with a passion for the rural lifestyle.

Loos records, produces and sends his radio programs from wherever his travels take him using his laptop computer and the internet. He presently has a radio listening audience of 4 million and can be heard on more than 100 stations across the country.

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