Patriot: Leigh Dundas


Lawyer Leigh Dundas

Leigh Dundas is a human rights attorney and abolitionist dedicated to preserving basic freedoms, while also combating global injustices like child slavery and the peddling of medical tyranny disguised as progress.  Leigh’s career spans three decades, commencing with her representation of Fortune 500 companies in high-dollar courtroom battles in the early 90’s, which focus changed to humanitarian work nearly a decade ago when she joined an anti-slavery NGO as their General Counsel.

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Patriot: Sheriff Richard Mack


CSPOA Founder: Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard Mack, served 20 years in law enforcement, starting in 1977 as a Parking Enforcement Cadet while working his way through College. In 1979 he was hired as a full-time Patrol Officer by the Provo, Utah Police Dept. In 1982 he took a one-year assignment as an Undercover Narcotics Agent. After this life changing experience, he became the School Resource Officer for the Provo School District. He was soon promoted to Corporal, Sergeant, and Detective where he worked cases involving robbery, kidnapping, murder, and child abuse, to name just a few.

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Patriot: Cynthia McKinney, PhD


HISTORICAL: Dr. McKinney has withdrawn from the tour for personal reasons. We will continue to honor her as a co-founder of the #UNRIG campaign and she is welcome to join us later if she feels up to it.

#UNRIG Co-founder: Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney, today a PhD in leadership and change, is the co-founder of #UNRIG and co-author with Robert Steele of #UNRIG Election Reform Act of 2020. The first black Member of Congress from Georgia, she served six terms and was cheated out of her seventh term when the Deep State introduced electronic voting machines in Georgia with the explicit intent of stealing the election from her. She left the Democratic Party, which was complicit in this theft, and was in 2008 the nominated Presidential Candidate for the Green Party. Today she is an Independent who favors the unification of the populist left with the populist right and all third parties including the Green and Libertarian parties. She coined with Robert Steele the battle cry:

People, Not Parties — Authentic, Inclusive, Truthful.

Patriot: Robert David Steele


#UNRIG Co-Founder: Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele is a former US Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy who founded the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) movement in 1988; in 2011 he was a member of the Occupy Election Reform Working Group and went on to found #UNRIG as an Election Reform initiative, the only one in existence with 12 core reforms harvested from across hundred of lip-service stove-pipe solutions by posturing activists who have never been serious about unrigging the system. He is today a leading truther, the proponent for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), and calling for the public to cease — to stop — all political donations to all political candidates and groups until such time as #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed and implemented. #UNRIG – Stop the $Dollars$

Crypto Donors: Tell Me When You Donate If You Wish


Bless  the three crypto donors that put $50,550 in our Coinbase account yesterday.  By its very nature, crypto does not come with sender ID.

I have converted it all today; as soon as it comes in it will be credited to Earth Intelligence Network — all crypto donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers if you wish them to be. EIN is also required to identify all donors of $5,000 or over, this generally is meant to validate their own claims of the donation if they list them on their tax return.