Trent Loos in The Stand at Paxton County


ZimmCast 648 – Trent Loos in The Stand at Paxton County

What we talk about in the program is mostly the whole idea of trying to bridge the gap between rural and urban communities. It is something we’ve worked on throughout our careers. We both think the divide is wider than ever. Trent has some good ideas on why this is and how ineffective some of the methods that have been tried are. We also ramble around on some other topics like Impossible Foods and virtual events.

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210413

Action Calls, Captain's Log

ROBERT:  Trent Loos has taken over as ground commander, and is responsible for the final selection of all locations for the afternoon show.  We are in the final stage of a hotel deal for the morning conferences.

We need tactical ground commanders for the following locations immediately, please send email to

if you want to step up and be a leader actually engaged in the tour of the century.

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Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210412

Captain's Log

CYNTHIA: Pending (and working very hard to finish up the movie).

ROBERT: We are now officially under concerted attack by a range of malicious actors who are also attacking other truthers (such as those brave doctors exposing the criminal nature of the CDC). The attempt to disconcert, divide, and thus conquer was expected and has been thwarted.

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