We are going to move massively past our first humble effort with one RV and staff drivers as shown here to the left. We are looking at four star/band buses with two full time drivers and a budget toward $1M (10K a day times 90 days).

While this will be largely funded by individual citizens and groups along the route that compete for hosting us, below are listed sponsors that we are approaching for $500K to $1M donations to our non-profit educational tour.

Anyone interested in having logo placement on the four buses and being actively involved in the tour as a sponsor at the $250K to $1M level, send an email to robert.david.steele.vivas@gmail.com. Individual citizens and civic groups that wish to donate amounts in the $10K to $100K range are welcome to communicate with me as well, all others should donate to


Donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers, our IRS letter is below.

EIN IRS 501c3 Letter

An Honor Roll of citizen donors has been created, My Patriots Network is creating forums for citizen donorsĀ  to connect at the county and Congressional District level.