Robert Steele Vision Statement (Simplified)

Vision Statements

My longer vision statement with many linked references is here:

Robert Steele: My Vision for America — and the World

This is my simplified vision statement:

01 We bring together Trumpers, Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, Greens, and all others — excluding the corrupt politicians from the DNC and GOP.

02 We turn off all funding for all politicians and all parties who are lying to you outright about their relevance or capabilties within a rigged system. Until #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed by Congress and 50 state legislatures:

#UNRIG – STOP THE $DOLLARS$ — not another dime

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Founding Citizen Certificates – 2nd American Revolution, 1st Global Revolution


Here are samples of the two certificates we are issuing to all donors, with $100 the recommended donation but any amount is honored.  Each donor is asked to complete a form to nail down their name as they wish it to appear, their state and their county (or province and country if international, and their wishes on how to be listed on the Honor Roll — name, or Anonymous, or a code name.

Second certificate and donation information are below the fold.

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