Patriot: Joe Oltmann


Joe Oltmann lives in Castle is the FORMER CEO and Founder of a national data tech company, PIN Business Network headquartered in Colorado. He is the recipient of several awards most notably is a two time EY Entrepreneur of the year nominee and 2020 finalist. Joe is the founder of FEC United, an organization focused on restoring constitutional integrity, demanding accountability and preserving and protecting the pillars of our communities.. faith, education, and commerce. Joe is also the founder of Conservative Daily, a large conservative advocacy and news organization and he is one of the co-hosts of Conservative Daily Podcast, one of the most popular political podcasts in the US.

Many will also recognize Joe for his work on election integrity and coming forward with information about Eric Coomer and Dominion Voting Systems. A decision that forever changed the trajectory of his life. Yet he continues the fight, without regret. While he lives under constant threat of reprisal, he continues to speak truth, collaborate with other brave Americans to restore the voice of the American voters.

Joe is an unapologetic Christian Conservative who has lived out the biblical principles in his life with his philanthropy and service to the most vulnerable among us. He is a part of the Founders Club of ACE Scholarships and organization that affords disadvantaged kids an opportunity to receive a private school education, sits on multiple boards and has served as a leader in his community.

Joe Oltmann believes that Courage is more infectious than fear and in order to preserve our nation, we must be willing to make significant sacrifices. Joe believes we face today is a beaches of Normandy moment, for if we fail to stand we will surely fall and the entire world is watching and praying we defeat the evil we face.

On Tour: 

6th June – Sunday – Denver, CO