Certificates – if you did not receive


Since we started fund raising on 14 March I have been drowning in emails and automating the certificate process was one thing we did to try to ease my burden. We seem to have dropped some names as part of that migration.

If you donated and did not get an email asking you to complete a form, we will do a manual issuance immediately. Use this email to fix this oversight on our part:

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Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210410

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA: Finishing the movie.

ROBERT: Today’s big news is that Trent Loos has strongly suggested to Deven Nunes, whom I hope to see as the next Speaker of the House, that he introduce #UNRIG Election Reform Act before the summer recess.

In other news Anna Von Reitz is confirmed for an appearance and we plan to include a State Assemblies person at one stop in each state.

Music: House Band Cancelled


I have cancelled the house band to save donors $204K and terminate what was becoming a monster.  These music professors were under the delusion that this was a band tour and they would be playing the whole time.  Their demand for money in advance in escrow, for a copyright lawyer, and for other forms of coddling became insufferable and I realized that they were totally out of touch with the fact that this was a civics tour of truthers engaging with the public, not a band  tour.

At each stop we will have a mix of local musicians, a play list, and on special occasions a flown-in musical star or a digital manifestation of a star interspersed with our truther speakers. This is about YOU and the TRUTH, this is NOT a band tour!

Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210409

Captains' Log


ROBERT: Today I cancelled the musicians, not just to save $204,000 we did not have, but because it became clear there was a major conflict emerging between the musicians expecting to play most of the time, and our view of this as an activist conversation tour, not a band tour. We now plan a one hour pre-show featuring local musical talent, and an automated playlist between speakers. Today I turned over location management to  Trent Loos, whose national network will ensure that every location is red, white, and blue. I worked with our program team to advance the deal with Marriott for over 3,000 room nights for us, and another 9,000 discounted rooms for those flying or driving in for a specific stop. Finally I confirmed Scott McKay and his plans.   Am training my wife to do checks and Americana while I am on the road. I am thrilled that my younger son is moving back in — he has a good job, but his roommates are giving up on the fraternity house, so he will take over the basement while I am away. This is a comfort to me.