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11 February 2012


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Lawrence Brown: Why We Need Electoral Reform

Cape Cod Times, October 26, 2012

Years ago, when someone asked Jimmy Carter what would happen if his global election-monitoring group observed an American election, Carter said it wouldn’t happen. The U.S. didn’t meet his organization’s minimum requirements for free and fair elections. If we explain how such a stunning remark could possibly be true, we’ll also have a road map to election reform in America.

First, as currently set up, the dominant political party in each state controls the electoral machinery in that state. That got us Katherine Harris in Florida, who was simultaneously heading the elect-Bush operation for the Republicans and the electoral process there during the Bush/Gore election. It gets us voter registration conflicts with charges of voter fraud, on one hand, and voter suppression on another.

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Peter Reilly in Forbes: Balanced Budget And Comprehensive Tax Reform Made Simple ? The Automated Payment Transaction Tax

Peter Reilly

Balanced Budget And Comprehensive Tax Reform Made Simple ?  The Automated Payment Transaction Tax

Automated Payment Transaction Tax (APT).  Have you heard of it ? I probably would not have heard of it had I not interviewed Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein.  I really like what the Green Party has to say on criminal justice issues and if climate change is something to be taken seriously, the Dem/Reps are certainly not doing that.  The part of the Green Party Platform concerning taxes is kind of a mess, though.  There are some interesting ideas in there, but it does not hang together too well.  So I am grateful to Robert Steele for pointing APT out to me.  I might have more on Mr. Steele in a future post.  He is quite an interesting fellow, but as with Jill Stein, I will be “leading with tax”, as we sometimes say when we go to market.  APT is the entirety of Mr. Steele’s federal tax program.  You might debate whether it is a good idea or whether it would really work, but there is no question about its coherence.

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The Open Source Everything Manifesto – Ending Closed Corrupt Processes

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What the world lacks right now—especially the United States, where every form of organization from government to banks to labor unions has betrayed the public trust—is integrity. Also lacking is public intelligence in the sense of decision-support: knowing what one needs to know in order to make honest decisions for the good of all, rather than corrupt decisions for the good of the few.

The Open-Source Everything Manifesto is a distillation of author, strategist, analyst, and reformer Robert David Steele life’s work: the transition from top-down secret command and control to a world of bottom-up, consensual, collective decision-making as a means to solve the major crises facing our world today. The book is intended to be a catalyst for citizen dialog and deliberation, and for inspiring the continued evolution of a nation in which all citizens realize our shared aspiration of direct democracy—informed participatory democracy. Open-Source Everything is a cultural and philosophical concept that is essential to creating a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for one hundred percent of humanity. The future of intelligence is not secret, not federal, and not expensive. It is about transparency, truth, and trust among our local to global collective. Only “open” is scalable.

As we strive to recover from the closed world corruption and secrecy that has enabled massive fraud within governments, banks, corporations, and even non-profits and universities, this timely book is a manifesto for liberation—not just open technology, but open everything.

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Robert David Steele: How I Tested the Boundaries of the Two-Party Tyranny

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How I Tested the Boundaries of  the Two-Party Tyranny

Robert David Steele

Reality Sandwich, 24 May 2012

For six weeks in early 2012 I ran for the office of President of the United States of America.  I was accepted by the Reform Party (one of six accredited national parties completely shut out of the political process in the US), was listed at Politics1, participated in a WikiNews interview and got my views posted at On the Issues.  I created We the People Reform Coalition, and I wrote letters to every single candidate for President including Rocky Anderson and Buddy Roemer, throwing in Dennis Kucinich for grins.  This is my report – there are no winners.


I was shocked into paying attention by Al Gore’s playing dead in 2000 (despite Greg Palast outing the Bush family scheme to disenfranchise 50,000 people of color, doing so three months in advance of election day).  I was radicalized by 9/11 – a clear false-flag operation in which elements of our own government were complicit – and infuriated with the ease by which this nation was taken to war on the strength of 935 now-documented lies – lies that no serving officer – including Colin Powell – was willing to confront.  Then I lost everything in the 2008 economic crash described so well by Matt Taibbi in GRIFTOPIA – it took two years for my company to go out of business – and along came Occupy.  Occupy failed.  This is their story and mine.  If this story moves you, I believe we have 90 days from today to take seven steps that can bury the two-party tyranny and install an honest coalition government.

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