#UNRIG Caps Now On Sale (& Free @ Battle Mountain & New Orleans)

Caps & Gowns

Priced at $14.95, this is not what I agreed to, I am demanding that the price be reduced to $9.99 since your donations paid for the productions of all caps. I mandated $9.99 plus shipping, I would be okay with $14.95 total cost inclusive of shipping.  Buy at any price, but I am ordering a price reduction.


500 Caps will be given away free at Battle Mountain (in different colors as shown below; and again in New Orleans.

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Patriot: Tina Griffin


Former Hollywood actress, pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, fled from her Wisconsin dairy farm to Hollywood, CA and earned a BA in Film and Television broadcasting from California State University – Los Angeles. She’s traveled globally for the past 20 years delivering her eye-opening show, Hollywood Exposed, explaining the real agenda behind the entertainment industry and it’s impact on the foundational development of today’s youth. Continue reading “Patriot: Tina Griffin”